A funny dirty book

A book of  XXX-rated comic collages. On offer for free (offer details later in this posting). Here’s the cover page for the book:

A book of 48 collages (8.5 x 12 inch copies on good stock, titled and signed by the artist), in pockets in the book; note all three descriptors — XXX-rated, homoerotic, comic (they’re all significant)

A bit of background. A little while ago — spurred by constant intimations of my mortality and not wanting my art to just be destroyed on my death — I explored having these collages sold by an agent I know who deals in male art, but the complexities of dealing with art works rather than photographs were too great for him.

More recently, I offered the book to the Linguistic Society of America for a silent auction (putting up either the whole book or the individual collages) to benefit the society. But there was an issue. As I wrote (on 8/28) to an organizer of the silent auction (a past president of the society):

I will understand if you think that this material is not anything the LSA would want to be associated with, especially in the current stridently anti-LGBTQ cultural climate. (I can cope with this stuff personally, but I wouldn’t want to bring harm to the society.) But it’s pretty much all I have to offer (my vast collection of t-shirts was given away, or turned into quilts, long ago).

They replied:

I could also imagine, as you suggest, that the [executive committee (of the society)] might indeed be leery of taking on an association with the material, even for a good cause. I will sound [the committee] out and see what they think and get back to you.

In the interim, the administration of the society and the executive committee were seized by a fiscal crisis threatening the very existence of the society. They have had no time to weigh my offer, nor do they seem likely to get around to it; much more important fish need to be fried.

In the circumstances, I have withdrawn my offer to the LSA, and now instead offer the book of collages, for free, to some lucky applicant. I can only entertain American applicants (I have to hire someone to do the package mailing for me, and international mail presents complexities I don’t want to have to deal with), and to try to counteract the bizarre peculiarities in the way my postings and Facebook messages get propagated, I’m setting up a kind of lottery: I will accept applications received at my gmail address up to 11:59 pm Pacific Time on Thursday 21 September, and will then draw a winner at random.

Applying. Send me e-mail at my gmail address (arnold dot zwicky at-sign gmail dot com) — not in any other fashion — with COLLAGES in the header or in the body, plus, in the body, the e-mail address you want me to respond to if you win the lottery (in which case I’ll get a mailing address from you).

In applying for COLLAGES, you are reassuring me that you do in fact have a US mail address at which you can get packages.

I will keep the identity of the winner secret.

Ethel Says: And that’s all there is. There isn’t any more.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    There was indeed a winner — I’d become afraid that my works were worth so little that I wouldn’t even be able to give them away — and a helper was charged yesterday (9/22) with getting the book in the mail. Life goes on.

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