One more SquirtJet item

(In the seminal-ejaculation zone, so not to everyone’s taste.)

It started with a report on ADS-L from Wilson Gray thst Urban Dictionary had an entry for spray and pray conveying (of males) ‘engage in unprotected sex’. I haven’t found that entry, but this one’s close:

spray and pray: have sex with a lady w/ no protection and pray for no children. OMG i just fucked that bitch and left a load. I pray there are no little hommies to become of this. by BamMaster April 14, 2003

The expression has the ejaculatory V spray, a metaphorical usage ultimately grounded in (a) a V of liquid flow (intrans. The water sprayed onto the deck. trans. We sprayed the water onto the deck.), extended to (b) a V denoting a flow of bullets from a submachine gun, assault rifle, or the like; (c) a V denoting specifically a flow of urine from a penis; (d) a V denoting specifically a flow of semen from a penis; (e) a V denoting the dissemination (spread or distribution) of information from some source.

To the Vs in (a)-(d) there correspond product or result Ns spray; sexual spray is then a SquirtJet item like spurt, shower, squirt, jet, spew in a posting of mine yesterday.

Meanwhile, the whole expression spray and pray refers to indiscriminate or unconstrained spraying (in one of the senses (b)-(e)) accompanied by a merely hopeful or wishful attitude towards the consequences or results of the spraying.

The UD entries are weapons-heavy: The UD V spray on its own is mostly about gunfire, though UD does have spray ‘to ejaculate profusely’, and this ejaculatory V has been extended from intransitive to transitive uses; two anal examples from the gay umliterature:

The man at my ass took a firm hold on my hips as he thrust hard into me. I knew he was too close to stop as I pushed back against his thrust. I felt the wave of tension run through his body just before he sprayed my ass full. (link)

With a tightened grasp on my shoulders, a grip that would eventually bruise me, he ground and dug his trembling cock to the depths of my bowels as he sprayed my ass, squirted six hot shots of his hot cum into my waiting and hungry ass working every drop. (link)

And GDoS has the oral transitive spray s.o.’s tonsils (gay) ‘to ejaculate in one’s fellator’s mouth’.

Corresponding to the ejaculatory V there is of course a (very common) seminal N. Two umliterary examples of his hot spray:

[male-female] his hot spray coating my skin as we cried out together in passionate bliss; those nasty words mixed with his hot spray, sent me to my fourth orgasm on his cock.

[male-male] His hot spray landed on my soft cock and balls. There must have been two or three more squirts like this and then his hand let go of his cock and his hand grabbed my cock and balls gently and massaged and spread the juice around.

Like the V spray on its own, UD spray and pray (attested elsewhere as spray n’ pray and SNP) is also mostly about gunfire:

spray and pray: Empty your machine gun magazine at target. Hope your attack will kill enemy, stop vehicle, etc… Gangsters in the 30´s used a spray and pray tactic with their Tommy guns. by CCKK June 21, 2004 (UD)

Spray and pray is a derisive term for firing an automatic firearm towards an enemy in long bursts, without making an effort to line up each shot or burst of shots. This is especially prevalent amongst those without benefit of proper training. (Wikipedia link) [This usage has been extended to FPS (first-person shooter) games.]

Then there’s the ejaculatory extension, and also a urinary one: UD has entries for closing your eyes while aiming hopefully for a urinal (and possibly dampening a neighbor), and for aiming hopefully at a toilet in the dark.

A urinary bonus: gay spray and play. With play ‘have sex; fuck’, as in party and play ‘do drugs and have sex’ (also party n’ play, PNP).

An afternoon of spray and play starts out with two cute and sexy lads kissing each other. The boys mark their territory with copious loads of fresh yellow piss all over the bed. Once they have figured out how to move around in their own puddles, it is time for the second round

A contraceptive bonus from UD: pull(, spray) and pray. With pull ‘pull out, withdraw, use the withdrawal method of contraception’:

pull and pray: The act of taking your penis out of the girl’s vagina just before you cum to avoid pregnancy. I fucked Lisa last night but I didn’t have a condom on me so I did a pull and pray! by stealth17 October 11, 2006

Pull, spray and pray: Same as Pull and Pray with the added act of ejaculating on partner’s face. She told me to pull out so I did the pull, spray and pray. She had skeet all over her face. by chemicalmind January 20, 2006

(Note the extra bonus in skeet ‘semen’ (also skeet ‘to ejaculate’), which GDoS identifies as originally US black, possibly related to squirt. In any case, another SquirtJet item.)

And, finally, a metaphorical extension of spray and pray to the indiscriminate dissemination of information, hoping that it will find a receptive target. From a website giving advice on pitching material to the media

3. Spray and pray will never work. Come on…in what world did you think it would be ok to send a generic email to an automated email list. Sure, it may take longer to paw through magazines but you’ll yield far better results.


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