Ejaculatory pop

(This will end up going way into graphic man-man sex territory, so it’s not for kids or the sexually modest.)

It started mildly enough, with an ADS-L posting yesterday by Joel Berson entitled

“pop”, noun, = ‘an ejaculation’ in 1722? As a verb, it dates from 1958

about the sexual slang verb pop ‘ejaculate’ (a natural metaphorical extension of explosive pop) and its nouning pop ‘an ejaculation’. The OED has the verb from 1958 on, but doesn’t have the noun at all, yet Berson found a 1722 quotation that might conceivably have an instance of the noun — though the text is far from straightforward in its interpretation.

According to the evidence in OED3 (Dec. 2006) and in GDoS, taken together, the verb seems to go back only to the mid-20th century, while the noun might go back as far as the mid-19th century (which would bring it much closer to Berson’s 18th-century text).

And then I have a vivid recollection of my first experience with the verb, which is what will take us into graphic mansex territory.

From the GDoS entry for its first verb pop (the explosive verb), in its sexual subentry, with both intransitive and transitive uses:

7 in sexual senses. (a) (also pop off) to ejaculate; to reach orgasm [1978 I popped like Vesuvius. 2002 Honey pie, I’m gonna pop.] (b) to bring someone to orgasm [1963 No John could pop her. 1969 Ain’t a bitch living can pop me off unless I want her to.]

OED3 has cites earlier than these, but only a bit earlier (taking the verbs back to the late 1950s), in its subentry 12 ( labeled slang) for pop. OED3 has a rich set of cites, so I’m quoting then all:

intr. U.S. To ejaculate; to have an orgasm. Also with off.
1958 L. F. Cooley Run for Home (1959) xxviii. 314   Nothin’ much happened ’cause he never stayed with one of them long enough to pop!
1963 T. I. Rubin Sweet Daddy 99   She popped. You know—came.
1983 Opus Pistorum ii. 61   When..he’s ready to pop off he stops and rests.
2003 T-Joy Julie, Chapter One in alt.sex.stories (Usenet newsgroup) 30 July   He knew nothing of foreplay. He popped off—in me—about ten strokes into it.

trans. orig. U.S. Of a man: to have sexual intercourse with. In quot. 1976: to penetrate during sexual intercourse.
1959 E. de Roo Young Wolves 135   Cliff popped me… When a guy starts you, you go soft when he comes around beggin’.
1976 in D. Wepman et al. Life 110   Towel-Slinging Kelly, whose ass looked like jelly From being popped so much in the past.
1989 D. Leavitt Equal Affections 31   Trying to convince the judge that I’d been adulterous when he was popping every little coed who went by his office.
1997 F. Baldwin Balling the Jack (1998) xiii. 147   In that strange room, set to pop a girl I hardly knew, it all came back to me.

Nothing on the noun in the OED, but GDoS has in its first noun entry:

1 with ref. to an explosion (a) a pistol … (b) a bullet … (c) an orgasm, usu. male [first cite 1964, in an Eric Partridge dictionary, dating it from mid 19th c.] … (d) a single instance of sexual intercourse [first cite 1979]

What’s annoying here is that the Partridge dictionary apparently just declares that the noun goes back to the mid 19th century, without giving cites.

But now to my first recollection of the verb (boldfaced below), in the first scene of Joe Gage’s L.A. Tool & Die (1979), set in a sex club that protagonist Hank (played by Richard Locke) has entered. In the background, guys are stroking their cocks, stroking other men’s, fucking. No faces are shown. There are sexual moans on the soundtrack, but otherwise the action is measured, almost elegant.

The only face visible is that of Michael Kearns as Jim, avidly, ecstatically sucking the dick of a guy (call him CockMan) lying on his back before him, spread out on a carnal altar before him. We see the scene through Hank’s eyes. The action proceeds:

Jim [glances up from his work, sees Hank]: Howdy, Hank! Thought I’d see you here today.

Hank: Don’t let me stop you, Jim.

Jim [with a naughty grin]: Nothin’ could. [ecstatic moans from CockMan, ramping up into a vocal frenzy] ‘S real hot … ‘S just about ready to pop.

Screen capture of Jim just before CockMan pops

CockMan shoots, onto Jim’s ecstatic face, into his open mouth.

When CockMan’s orgasm is over, Jim tells Hank to pull out his cock and beat it for him (“You know you want to”). So Jim gets another load of cum on his glistening face and in his waiting mouth, possibly other loads from other men as well (the scene becomes frenzied). Jim is wholly abandoned to cock worship, totally into his personal cum zone — there’s nothing else in his world; his entire body, his entire being, is devoted to dick – and, ultimately, he is intensely satisfied by the sprays of cum he is granted. Ubercocksucker’s paradise.

We don’t see Jim’s own cock, just his head and shoulders as he receives the twin sacraments of virility, cock and cum.

This seems to have been Hearns’s only appearance in the movies, at least under that name. Quite something to see. But I remember being arrested by “just about ready to pop”: pop sounded so vivid.

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