Spinoff: PigSkin underwear

In my Trent Atkins posting yesterday, photo #3 had the man in briefs apparently labeled Pigskin, which I took to be an invention of the Michael Lucas studios, expressly for a film in which a number of actors (Atkins among them) behave piggishly. But no, it’s a real thing, and the name is PigSkin (now corrected in the Atkins posting). It’s the company that conveyed the piggish, edgy, even raunchy associations by their choice of name, meanwhile allowing themselves plausible deniability by playing on the word pigskin as a sports term (for a football).

Cover image for the line, showing an intense nude model:


From an Underwear News Briefs bulletin by UNBTim on 12/13/11:

This is a underwear that has a bit of a darker side. It was photographed by Timoteo Ocampo. The model is Israel Zamora. The underwear line is called PigSkin and this is the new line with styles called the Mechanic, Grappler, Gridiron, and Prizefighter.

(All high-masculinity names, three of them sports-related.) Here’s Zamora in a Grappler jockstrap in yellow and a Mechanic brief in blue:



What Trent Atkins was wearing in yesterday’s posting was a Mechanic in yellow.

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