The pleasures of role reversal

A tour of contrasting, also complementary, ideals of male beauty, and hence of male desirability, as they are played out in the fantasy world of gay male pornography. Apollo (or Adonis) vs. Dionysus (or Bacchus or Priapus), Ganymede (the prototypical catamite) vs. Zeus (the prototypical inseminator), beautiful boy vs. powerful man, worked into conventional forms of porn for men, and then complexly subverted by role reversals in which Apollo penetrates Priapus.

Yes, there’s a site (Twink Top) for that — there’s specialist porn for pretty much every fantasy — as well as at least one site (Fun Size Boys) intensifying and celebrating the boy/man dichotomy (featuring little guys taken sexually by really big guys).

This posting is drenched in mansex discussed in street language and so is utterly inappropriate for kids or the sexually modest.

So, advance notice: thanks to the sites I’ll be talking about, this posting is laser-focused on guys fucking guys up the ass, even though that’s far from the central sexual feature of most gay men’s experience; as I regularly point out, in real life almost everyone sucks cock and gets their cock sucked, and that’s everyday sex, achieved easily in almost any setting and requiring no special preparation or clean-up. (I’ve never really taken umbrage at being called a cocksucker. I mean, well, of course; most guys are pussy-fuckers, a few of us are cocksuckers, who knows or really cares why.)

But no doubt because of its obvious parallel to pussy-fucking, male-male ass-fucking plays an outsize role in the imaginative construction of mansex. (If you think like a straight person, this is what gay sex has to be.)

It’s certainly what Twink Top — ‘big-dick twink-top boys topping men’ — is, relentlessly, about.

Exemplars. It started with a mailing from the Twink Top site advertising its Masc Bottom Tag Team video, with this striking image (which doesn’t show any dirty bodyparts, but is obviously about ass-fucking):

(#1) The boys Cole, Marcus, and Austin lined up to take turns at Coach Landon; the locker-room setting is a standard, but the sport involved is, so far as I can tell, never specified (what’s important is the relationship between the older, far more masculine, authority figure and his cute boys; all the other details are irrelevant, so are suppressed)

In another video, Twink Top Training, we get a one-on-one:

(#2) “[The trainer Dolf] Dietrich was a tall, handsome man who never had a problem getting laid, but given his size and his appearance, he’s always been the perfect fantasy of a daddy to the young men he encounters. As much as he loves giving his bare cock to a hungry bottom, he loves the idea of getting plowed by a little guy with a monster member [in this case, Austin Young]”

The twinks are presented as experienced and enthusiastic bottoms for big muscular men, boys (always with big dicks) who become attracted to the idea of switching roles and fucking those men.

The usual scenario appears to involve the twinks getting fucked first, then turning the tables. So, a role reversal, but one presented as temporary. The general world order — man fucks boy — is preserved, with these boy-on-man occasions as a kind of Carnival, once-a-year,  excess.

One snapshot, in absurdly overheated prose, from the Masc Bottom Tag Team video:

The older man couldn’t resist giving him more than just his tongue, sliding off his shorts as he plunged his girthy manhood deep into the young jock’s hole.

Cole and Austin watched on as their friend got bred by the bare cock of their coach, stroking each other’s cocks and making out as the air became thick with their masculine pheromones. But as Coach Landon thrust his cock into Marcus’ hungry hole, they couldn’t take their eyes off the older man’s smooth muscular ass.

… [a bit later:] Coach Landon smiled as Cole positioned himself behind him, watching on his back as the beautiful, young man pressed his thick cock between the coach’s cheeks. Marcus provided a string of spit on his hole to help ease it in, and with a gentle push, Coach Landon felt the hot jock fill his ass…

The other boys watched on, rock hard and stroking their cocks as Cole pounded the older man with his bare cock. Each eager to feel their cocks cum inside the hot daddy’s ass!

Meanwhile, the Fun Size Boys site —

Gay size difference! Fun Size Boys has giant guys (tall big dick tops) and tiny guys (tiny little bottoms), and puts them together!

— takes the man-on-boy theme to an extreme; one boy character is presented as explaining his sexual desires in these terms:

He loves being around very tall men and feeling like their pocket-sized play thing.

(Note that this is not a slam on bottoms. Decades back, when I was sexually active, I was an enthusiastic bottom, fairly describable as a pussy-ass. I loved getting fucked. On the other hand, I never got the big-guy thing at all, and disliked being treated as just a hole to be used. But taste is taste, and Fun Size Boys clearly has its audience.)

The roles that are being reversed. From my 1/28/20 posting “Humongous tops Adonis”:

The Adonis style of beauty is the Apollonian: the ideal type of Boyish Masculinity, as opposed to the ideal type of Mature Masculinity — an opposition sometimes cast as Apollo vs. Priapus (or Dionysus / Bacchus). Apollo smells like fresh herbs, or sandalwood; Priapus smells like musky sex sweat.

(This is not a brief for Apollo or for Priapus.)

(A note in passing that I have always smelled like Priapus: a sexual partner once described my sex sweat — very strongly musky — as smelling like a distillation of locker room. A lot of guys (including, fortunately, my guy Jacques) have thought this is fabulous, but there were occasional guys who were really put off by it. Oh yes, Jacques smelled like Apollo, just amazing, Jesus I miss that.)

Then, on Ganymede, a parallel story, of the beautiful youth Ganymede, taken carnally by the powerfully priapic Zeus. From my 4/15/16 posting “Ganymede on the fly”:

On AZBlogX, some images from the Ganymede series on Priapus of Milet’s blog, showing (a version of) the youth Ganymede’s encounter with the God Zeus, told as an elaborate story in photographic images. Very accomplished stuff, also wonderfully erotic.

The conventional script is of the twink (young, innocent, boyish in build, small, smooth, beautiful, effete) taken by the macho man (older, experienced, hairy, muscular, big, aggressive, butch, tough).

All of this is obviously tinged by a reinscription of feminine vs. masculine in male-male terms.



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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    I’ve never really taken umbrage at being called a cocksucker.

    Nor have I, but I did object, on a newsgroup (not soc.motss), to its use as a generic insult aimed at presumably-straight males, arguing that such use is inherently homophobic. (The culprit, who was very good at denying the obvious, strenuously denied this claim.) He did not, I should add, apply the epithet to me; if he had, I could have pointed out that at least in that case it had the merit of being true.

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