Double scoop in the heat of summer

The cover of the 8/17 New Yorker (not yet on the stands), “Double Scoop” by Wayne Thiebaud. Ice cream for the hot summer days.

Not about language, but another tribute to the pleasures of Thiebaud’s art.


From “Wayne Thiebaud’s “Double Scoop”” by  Françoise Mouly on 8/10/20:

Wayne Thiebaud is nearly a hundred years old, and he has spent the majority of those years painting. Those paintings — with their thick pigments, bright colors, and obsession with food — have become part of the American canon, and Thiebaud’s latest cover is a treat to be cherished in the heat of summer. Thiebaud is a lively presence, even on the phone, and he recently spoke to us about his influences, his love of cartoons, and how unfunny the New Yorker cartoonists he met were.

Background. From my 11/26/19 posting ‘Annals of art: Thiebaud’s Thanksgiving turkey’, with the New Yorker cover “Stuffed” for the 11/25/19 issue:

(#2) (with a list of other Thiebaud food covers for the magazine)

See my 12/5/16 posting “Wayne Thiebaud” on the artist, his still lifes (especially of food), California landscapes and cityscapes, and portraiture (often reminiscent of Edward Hopper).


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Just to note that Thiebaud is a full generation (20 years) older than I am, hardly anyone now left from then, and I think it’s just wonderful he’s still around and practicing his art. Soon to vanish, of course. May his death be swift and easy.

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