Mansex positions: spitroasting

(Obviously not for kids or the sexually modest. In fact, it’s deeply, unimaginably, not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Another chapter in the big book of positions for mansex, about a type of three-man encounter. From my AZBlogX posting of 3/31/13, “Threesomes and more”:

A gay spitroast, or spitroasting — or taking it at both ends — involves a man being fucked by one man while sucking another man’s cock. The metaphor is to the spitroasting of meat (pork, lamb. chicken)

… Spitroasting is not particularly hard to pull off, and if you’re the fortunate pig on the spit, the thrusting of the guy fucking you can push your mouth onto the cock of the guy you’re sucking, making the three of you a single sexual engine. In my wild younger days, I was the pig a number of times; it’s a total cockpig experience.

This assumes the canonical gay spitroast, in which the pig’s body is horizontal, and facing downward (so that his ass is easily available for fucking). Yes, there’s also an upward pig variant, and a vertical pig variant too. Illustrations on AZBlogX (in the 8/11/20 posting “Spitroast chronicles”), since hardly any of them could be cropped for this blog; after all, the practice is all about dicks, so its representation in gay porn abounds in penises.

A canonical spitroast, from Titan’s Swelter (carefully cropped here):

Participants: fucker Bryan Slater (on the right), pig Gio Forte, suckee David Anthony (on the left); with Slater also engaged in finger-sucking — finger-sucking serving as displaced or symbolic cocksucking, so Slater is giving his cock to Forte while symbolically taking Anthony’s cock in his mouth, making Slater simultaneously (and satisfyingly) insertive and receptive

(On finger-sucking and finger-fucking, see my 3/5/18 posting “fingerwork”, with the hard-core photos in my 3/5/18 AZBlogX posting “Fingering”.)

From here, I’ll follow the AZBlogX posting “Spitroast chronicles”.

Canonical spitroasts. An assortment of canonical examples, from gay porn — starting with my 3/31/13 posting here, “Threesomes and more”.

(1) A gay spitroast from, with participants Oscar, Calvin, and Jamie; the pig, on his knees, has raised his head to reach the cock offered for him to suck (and consequently arched his back, which is really hot)

(2) Everybody standing; from Titan’s Dust Devils, David Anthony fucks Dario Beck sucks J.R. Matthews

(3) The full photo from Titan’s Swelter, cropped on my regular blog; Bryan Slater fucks Gio Forte sucks David Anthony

(4) From Titan’s Criminal Intent: everybody standing again, while Alessio Romero fucks Will Parker sucks David Anthony

Well, all of this is gayporn athleticism, designed to show maxmum cock. In real life, pigs mostly hump up their asses while lying prone on a horizontal surface (classically, a bed), inviting one cock from behind and accepting a second one from a guy crouched in front of them, or standing at the end of the bed. It’s easy and uncomplicated, and it’s all about the pig, who is getting a double dose of the psychological satisfactions of having another man’s cock within your body, infusing his masculinity with yours and magnifying both. My own experience (not necessarily shared by other men) was of achieving a feeling of enormous, overwhelming power, with two other men inside my body and yoked with me. I use the metaphor of describing myself in those days as a pussy-ass faggot, but it’s a metaphor, not an identity, and the experience was neither feminizing nor submissive, quite the contrary. (Understand that other men undergoing this experience do in fact perceive it as feminizing and seek it out for exactly this reason, and that still other men welcome submitting themselves to another man, for the complex satisfactions of being humiliated and, indeed, abused by them. Back in the day, I was mostly a pussy-ass faggot, but on occasion I also did my service as a top for men who deeply needed these other experiences. Hey, tricks are short-term events, you adapt to the circumstances on the ground.)

One more canonical spitroast:

(5) Part of a gangbang scene, with more cocks in line to replace the two the pig is serving; but very easily acheved — the pig bends down to suck the cock of a sitting man, while another man, standing, takes him from behind

Upward pig. What I think of as “spitroasting the hard way”. The pig is supine, lying on his back; he is fucked missionary-style by one man (knees up, Mother Brown!); with his head dangling over edge of a surface (so largely immobilized), he gets face-fucked from behind by a standing man (alternatively: he’s face-fucked by a man crouched over or standing in in front of him).

(6)  The pig is frogged up for a missionary fuck; the fucker, meanwhile is jacking the pig off (the idea is that everybody should get off); the face-fuck is awkward for many men, but these guys seem to be ecstatic (this is also a fine composition of bodies)

(7) A balancing act for the pig, and very hard on his neck muscles, unless his face-fucker supports his head with a hand on it; the pig here has to jack himself off (and he’s taking a remarkably thick cock up his ass, which takes some training to be managed comfortably)

Upward pig is more favored in gay porn than in real life, in my experience — in gay porn, because it easily provides three visible hard cocks. More dick is always better.

Vertical pig. The pig is sitting up, in fact sitting on his fucker’s cock (Cowboy time!), while sucking the cock of a man standing in front of him. The basic set-up allows for some freedom in how the three bodies fit together. Three examples from gay porn:

(8) In the midst of an orgy (carefully composed for the camera), a basic vertical pig spitroast, displaying, to maximum advantage, both of the cocks the pig is taking into his body

(9) That moment of intense heart-pounding anticipation just before both cocks enter the pig (technically, that’s Reverse Cowboy, rather than the usual Cowboy, as in (8) and (10)

(10) Pornstar Johnny Rapid impaled at both ends (with more cocks in reserve), but still, characteristically, focused on us, his audience

As for me, despite my professed wild enthusiasm for getting fucked Cowboy style and my experience as a pig in spitroasts, I  somehow never combined the two. Alas, there are lacunae in every life.

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