Putting the @*%&! into @*%&! VDay

(The true title is, of course “Putting the fuck into Fuck VDay”; I’ve replaced occurrences of fuck by obscenicons for citation purposes. But the posting is indeed heavily (though not entirely) about men fucking men, so it’s not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

The story began yesterday (2/7), with mailings for four different sites, all with the Fuck Vday Sale ad image:


Twink Top (role reversal, with twinks as tops), Fun Size Boys (“featuring little guys taken sexually by really big guys”), Growl Boys (“anthropomorphic gay furry fantasy stories of werewolves and mythological creatures”), Gaycest (dad/son sex), Boy For Sale (slave boys).

(The Twink Top and Fun Size Boys sites are treated in my 8/10/20 posting “The pleasures of role reversal”.)

More on these sites below, except to note that they are very much about fucking (and that turns out to be relevant).

The question is how Fuck Vday is to be understood in the ad slogan. Is it an instance of what I’ve called the expletive predicate fuck (James D. McCawley’s quasi-verb fuck), which has no sexual content? In my 12/27/17 posting “Expletive syntax: I will marry the crap out of you, Sean Spencer”, I note that expletive predicate fuck is one of the

idiomatic uses of specific expletives to curse, deprecate, or dismiss things, as in:

Fuck this proposal! To/The hell with them! Shit on the whole business!

Expletive predicate fuck occurs commonly in the dismissive Fuck VDay! and Fuck Valentine’s Day! (disavowing any interest in celebrating the holiday) — examples below.

Or is the ad slogan Fuck Vday to be understood as announcing Valentine’s Day as a celebration of fucking — in which case the slogan would seem to be a compound noun with Vday as head and Fuck as a noun (denoting a fuck or fucks) or a verb (denoting fucking), so that the interpretation would be either ‘Valentine’s Day for a fuck or fucks’ or ‘Valentine’s Day for people to fuck on’ (the distinction is subtle), parallel to something like Fuck Weekend (The members of Sigma Epsilon Xi always looked forward to Fuck Weekend).

Since the ad slogan appears to be both intensely sexual — it’s all about the fucking — and celebratory (rather than dismissive or deprecatory), I incline to the compound noun interpretation.

Carnal Media. The four sites listed above in connection with #1 are all Carnal Media sites (the company has a number of niche gay porn websites,all run as subscription services that offer an inventory of videos the subscriber can view), including also Scout Boys, Raw Fuck Boys, Jason Sparks Live, Dirty Boy Society, and Jock Pussy.

Similarly, from my 9/20/20 posting “The penis-anus nexus”:

Say Uncle is a subsite in the Lucas family of gay porn sites. It embraces a number of “premium” series, mostly involving men in relationships of unequal power [also many taboo-breaking relationships]:

Family Dick (in step families); Missionary Boys; Brother Crush (step brothers); Yes Father (church leaders); Latin Leche (Latin boys doing g4p); Young Perps (loss prevention officers and male shoplifters); Black Godz (powerful gay black men and their male subs); Dad Creep (stepdad/stepson); Stay Home Bro (bros quarantined together)

And in my 1/27/19 posting “Two specialist porn companies”, what appears to be an independent operation, Peter Fever: “featuring quality videos of muscular Asian men jocks and twinks”. (The other specialist company in that posting is Growl Boys.)

All of these sites are focused on fucking, with a variety of emotional tones. Something of a surprise, from the Jason Sparks Live site at Carnal Media, is this still showing JJ Knight & Jack Hunter from the video BAREBACK in Birmingham:


The two men smile a lot; in this photo, they’re two nice guys, sporting welcoming half-smiles, who happen to be fucking, bareback, in the woods on a beautiful day (the Loving Buddies facial expression); as they get into fucking, their facial expressions go into Man at Work, aka Workman / Craftsman — see the Page on this blog on facial expressions in mansex.

Fuck Valentine’s Day!, with the expletive predicate fuck. So much for the sex. Now to the Strong Language (A Sweary Blog About Swearing) site, “Fuck Valentine’s Day!” by Nancy Friedman on 2/5/15:

Hearts, flowers, chocolate, candlelight, blah, blah, whatever. For some of us, February 14 is just a date on the calendar with the name of some obscure saint inexplicably attached to it, and “St. Valentine’s Day” is properly followed by only one word: “massacre.” Good news, though — thanks to the increasingly robust Fuck Valentine’s Day movement, we can spend our money just as recklessly as the roses-and-diamonds crowd. Fuck, yeah!

— with an entertaining collection of graphic resources, among them:

(#3) An apostrophe-free tank top from Skreened, $17.99

(#4) The classic “Keep Calm” poster “Available as a poster, mug, mouse mat, decal, and much more at The Keep Calm-o-Matic.”

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