Humongous tops Adonis

Riffs on gay porn in difficult times. The penis portion of this presentation — with five stone-XXX-rated images — is in my AZBlogX posting “Humongous fucks Adonis”. This posting, further expounding on that material, is literally free of penises, but it’s extravagantly about men’s bodies and mansex, mostly in street language, so it’s entirely unsuitable for kids or the sexually modest.

It all began with some moments of recreational gay porn use, focused on what I think of as “sweet sex”, which took me back to scene 2 of the 1984 Falcon flick The Bigger the Better:

(#1) Cover of the Bijou Classics re-release, featuring Rick “Humongous” Donovan from scene 1

From AZBlogX:

In [scene 2, Matt Ramsey] goes on to much more sexually democratic sex with another student [Brian Michaels, played by Bobbie Madison], in his home gym. That’s very nice, even sweet, and in fact that’s the scene I went back to Bigger Better for — when life is difficult, I want my gay porn to be full of mutual satisfaction and regard, and affection — but I was once again blown away by the raw intensity of Humongous fucking Adonis [in scene 1, involving Donovan as a student and Ramsey as his teacher], and then later [in the last scene, in the mensroom] of the Surfer Phallomnivore, the Blond Lord of the T-Room [played by Brian Hawks / Shaun McIver].)

On sexually democratic sex, from my 10/12/17 posting “The pizza boy as cultural figure”, in a section on Wm. Higgins’s gay porn classic Pizza Boy: He Delivers (1986):

The sex is mostly even-handed, sexually democratic: men trade blow jobs and rim jobs and they flip-fuck. In the three-way in scene 6, after two men have have been fucked, the third announces, “I’m the only one who hasn’t had it yet”, so the other two take turns fucking him. Everybody wants to give it, everybody wants to take it.

I use gay porn recreationally on a regular basis — more on this below — but in difficult times, I look especially for sweet sex (and also turn to old tv detective shows, westerns with morally admirable heroes, and charming sitcoms — and the old Emergency! series (1972-77), which has pretty much everything, but especially Randolph Mantooth, both the man and his character Johnny Gage).

In any case, here’s Madison as the student, anxious to learn how to get a body like his teacher’s, and Ramsey [the Adonis from scene 1] as his good-looking, and very fit, teacher, showing the boy how to do it, in his home gym:

(#1) The getting-to-know-your body stage, before the meshing of the flesh

Very satisfying, but of course I got to scene 2 through the fierce fucking of scene 1 and then went on to the last scene, which I’d written up several years ago. From the recent AZBlogX posting:

The episodic Bigger Better revolves around a high school for boys. In one scene, Rick “Humongous” Donovan (as an insolent student) fucks his English teacher (played by the good-looking and amiably athletic Matt Ramsey) three-ways senseless. In the other — which got attention on this blog in my 8/12/15 posting“Tearoom time” — when “the students are restless, and ready to walk on the wild side”, phallomnivorus surfer-type Brian Hawks takes full advantage of all the offerings of the school’s mensroom.

[Digression on my coinings: adj. phallomnivorous ‘consuming cock in all possible ways’  (from the combining form phallo– of phallus ‘a penis, especially when erect’ (NOAD) + the adj. omnivorous figuratively ‘taking in or using whatever is available’ (NOAD)) and noun phallomnivore ‘a phallomnivorous person’. In case you should need it, that gives you also the noun phallomnivory for the practice, the noun phallomnivorousness for the inclination to phallomnivory, and the adj. phallomnivoracious ‘fiercely, uncontrollably phallominivorous’. You might think of others.]

Let’s follow my recent AZBlogX posting for a little while:

Humongous fucks Adonis. From publicity notes for the film:
The Bigger the Better (Falcon, 1984, directed by Matt Sterling) An all-star cast of gorgeous hunks, huge cocks, extraordinary production values, enough of a story to keep the fantasy going, and strong manly action that just doesn’t stop. You’ll find student-teacher sex, t-room action, dirty talk, classic bareback sex with cum flying everywhere, and one of the all-time great underwear sequences. This movie is also noteworthy because it’s one of the few gay flicks legendary straight porn performer Peter North (billed here as Matt Ramsey) ever made. Rick “Humongous” Donovan plays a college student [Rick] who fucks his teacher (North/Ramsey) after class [in three different positions], noisily and violently, and only after making Ramsey plead for it.

The moment when Matt undoes Rick’s jeans, and the boy’s half-hard monster just flops out:

(#2) The dick reveal (here, without the dick)

Where an ordinary man might have expressed surprise at this moment — as here:

(#3) Again, without the cock, cocksucker’s size-surprise face, from the DickDorm site (“amateur videos of All-American college boys fucking”); note that the facial expressions of fear and surprise — no one expects the Spanish Inquisition! — are quite close to one another

— Matt just goes on to urgently minister to Rick’s cock. He bends over for it, he lowers himself onto it, he gets pounded with it face-to-face. He is deeply filled, and deeply fulfilled.

… Humongous — the portmanteau nickname was given to him at the beginning of his porn career (mostly from 1985-97) … — is Rick Donovan, with a  very thick 10 dick (sometimes billed as 12″, but those are probaby porn inches). He was famously emotionless on-screen (viewers are free to project any number of emotions onto his performances), and only topped.

… Adonis (my nickname, based on his male-model good looks) is Matt Ramsey / Peter North. From Wikipedia:
Peter North (born Alden Joseph Brown; May 11, 1957) is a Canadian-American pornographic actor, director and producer. He has 2,588 credits as an actor (plus 13 as director). [North is astonishingly hard-working.]

In a 1996 interview published in North’s hometown newspaper, The Chronicle Herald, he stated that he was “discovered” while modeling athletic wear at a private party in Los Angeles in the early 1980s. A man within the adult film industry, whom North did not name, attended the party, was impressed by North’s physique and gave him his business card.

North began his adult film career in 1983. Initially, North performed in gay pornography under the name Matt Ramsey. He later transitioned to straight pornography.

(Like many g4p performers, Ramsey seemed to be comfortable bottoming, maybe even preferred it; it’s much easier to learn to relax for getting fucked than to maintain a stiff hard-on to fuck someone whose body you don’t find arousing.)

North/Ramsey has an athlete’s body — he was a college football player and an avid hockey player, and has a lifelong devotion to fitness that played well in his home-gym scene in Bigger Better. As for his dick, it fits his body well and is big enough for porn work without being phenomenal: enhanced normal, you might say.

In my recent AZBlogX posting, #3 has a Rick Donovan full-frontal display and #4 a Matt Ramsey / Peter North full-frontal display, so enthusiasts can appreciate their cocks.

[Digression on humongous. From OED2 on the portmanteau adj. humongous:

slang (originally U.S.).  Extremely large; huge, enormous. [1st two cites:]

1970 Current Slang (Univ. S. Dakota) 4 19 Humongous, very large (a combination of huge and tremendous).

1976 New Yorker 16 Aug. 26/2 She uses expressions like ‘the whole megillah’ (meaning the whole long story) and ‘humongous’ (meaning huger than huge and more tremendous than tremendous).

The word has pieces of huge, enormous, and tremendous. It’s playful in tone, but with an ominous undercurrent that comes with the fearsomeness of extremely large things. An undercurrent brought out in the 1982 film Humongous. From Wikipedia:


Humongous is a 1982 Canadian slasher film directed by Paul Lynch, and starring Janet Julian, John Wildman, and David Wallace. The story centers on a group of young adults who became stranded on a deserted island, where they are stalked by a monstrous assailant. ]

[Digression on Adonis. The very short story, from NOAD:

name Adonis: [a] Greek Mythology a beautiful youth loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone. He was killed by a boar, but Zeus decreed that he should spend the winter of each year in the underworld with Persephone and the summer months with Aphrodite. [b] (as noun an Adonis) an extremely handsome young man.

Some things I’ll defer until later in this posting: the representation of Adonis in (neo-)classical sculpture; which leads to King Ludwig I of Bavaria; notions of male beauty (in previous postings on this blog); and the deflection of the Adonis figure in segments of the gay male world to high-macho powerfully phallic presentations of self.]

To return to the third of the notable cocks in The Bigger the Better, in the recent AZBlogX posting:

The Surfer Phallomnivore. The Blond Lord of the T-Room. In the last scene of Bigger Better.

From my 8/12/15 posting “Tearoom time”:
Two classics of gay porn — part 3 (For Men Only) of Huge 1 (Falcon, 1983); and scene 4 of The Bigger the Better (Falcon, 1984) — illustrate some of the possibilities for several men together in a stall, using the toilet as a prop.

… The final scene from The Bigger the Better tells the story of Brian Hawks’s tearoom adventures, which take him from jacking off to sucking cock through a glory hole, serious subpartition sucking, and further sex, eventually with four other guys. The man has a huge appetite.

That posting describes the scene in some detail, with two shots of Hawks sucking cock.

… Hawks (also Hawkes, plus a number of other porn names) was active in the business 1982-84. He is often characterized as versatile, though I would have said versatile bottom. He has that curly blond boy-next-door surfer look, but with a totally out-for-cock persona — any way, any time, from anyone — which is why I’ve labeled him a phallomnivore. He has big pornstar dick, which you can appreciate, [10″] rock hard, in [#5 on AZBlogX, a shot from very early in the scene, with Hawks stroking his hard dick (before all the other guys join in)]; its function is to be remarkable, an object of admiration, even veneration. In the rhapsody of sexual imagination, the viewer is expected to desire it heroically, or to wield it victoriously as his own, or both.

Cheeky, golden-angel-curly, down-and-deeply-dirty Hawk(e)s / Shawn McIvan, getting a blow job from Nik Dimon (mostly off-camera) in this Falcon Studios photo:


Humongous, Adonis, and the Surfer Slut. Joined poetically.


when Humongous
fucked Adonis, caverns
shuddered in envy

engorged with
Titanic power

filled the sky
seeded the
valleys with life

blond Poseidon
swallowed it all

Here ends the tale of three big dicks at school. Now for some Adonis notes, and some notes on the recreational use of gay porn.

Adonis note: the representation of Adonis in (neo-)classical sculpture. From the Thorvaldsen Museum site, a work by Danish neoclassicist sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844), with a somewhat longer version of the Adonis story:

(#6) Bertel Thorvaldsen, Adonis (1887), marble executed by August Saabye after Thorvaldsen’s orginal plaster model of 1808

Adonis is the most handsome and sought-after young man in Greek mythology, but his birth was defiled in that he was born as the son of a woman called Myrrha, who had had an incestuous relationship with her father. As a punishment, Myrrha was changed into a tree – the myrrh tree. And when the appointed time had passed, the bark of the tree burst and the infant Adonis came into the world. In a certain sense, Adonis was doomed from the start, and he was indeed only quite young when he was killed by a wild boar during a hunt. We can see the tree on which he is supporting himself and the dead hare as references to his birth and death respectively. When the model for Adonis was finished in Rome in 1808 it gave rise to great enthusiasm. The art-loving Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig [later King Ludwig I] commissioned it in marble for his Glyptotek in Munich.

Adonis note: King Ludwig I of Bavaria. From Wikipedia:

Ludwig I or Louis I (25 August 1786 – 29 February 1868) was king of Bavaria from 1825 until the 1848 revolutions in the German states.

… Ludwig’s rule was strongly affected by his enthusiasm for the arts and women and by his overreaching royal assertiveness.

(The later Ludwig II was king of Bavaria from 1864 through 1886; sometimes known as the Swan King or Fairy Tale King, he was devoted to the construction of palaces and Neuschwanstein Castle and to the work of composer Richard Wagner. It’s now known that throughout his life he struggled to suppress his strong homosexual desires. His predecessor was a dfferent kettle of fish.)

Adonis note: notions of male beauty in two previous postings on this blog. The Adonis style of beauty is the Apollonian: the ideal type of Boyish Masculinity, as opposed to the ideal type of Mature Masculinity — an opposition sometimes cast as Apollo vs. Priapus (or Dionysus / Bacchus). Apollo smells like fresh herbs, or sandalwood; Priapus smells like musky sex sweat.

(This is not a brief for Apollo or for Priapus.)

The postings:

from 3/10/16 in “Male beauty”:

References to male beauty usually focus on beautiful male faces, and there are collections of facial photos. In these collections, the young Brad Pitt, especially smiling, is a famous beautiful man, and he also had a beautiful body and a strongly masculine physicality in motion.

from 11/25/19 in “Revisiting 38: More male beauty”:

Among the actors depicted and discussed in these three postings as examples of facial male beauty are Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, Jensen Ackles, and Johnny Depp. I solicited opinions, in a totally unscientific fashion, from a number of women (including two teenagers) and gay men . There was broad agreement over which actors were good-looking, and broad agreement that there were several distinct subcategories of GOODLOOKING-MAN, which they referred to via the labels handsomecutebeautiful, and hot (with an implicit acknowledgment  that the boundaries were not always clear; with some suggestion that the hot group cross-cuts the other three; and with some inclination to distinguish bad-boy dark beauties like Johnny Depp from sweeter blond beauties like Robert Redford).

It’s clear to me that there’s a rough system of categories here, but one that’s hard to get at through labels in English (and of course exhibits considerable social variability).

Adonis note: the phallicization of Adonis in the deflection of the Adonis figure in segments of the gay male world to high-macho powerfully phallic presentations of self. Priapus fucks Adonis.

Case in point: the Adonis Lounge, a gay strip club in NYC (and similar establishments elsewhere). From their website, a portrait of some of their dancers:

(#7) Note the facial expressions, all challenging stud-hustler faces — hot and hunky, but a world away from Adonis

The men are walking, dancing macho studs, distillations of butchness, embodiments of the power of the penis. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this; in fact I find this presentation edgy but arousing (after all, decades ago, when I shopped in the mansexual marketplace, it was often unapologetically, celebratorily as a cuntboy, and on those occasions these guys would have been just the ticket).

So the connotations of the name Adonis have shifted hugely, and the earlier Adonis figure has largely disappeared from view.

Some details about the club, from its website:

Adonis Lounge began in October of 2010 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as a small once monthly event. After 6 months, only due to the support of a few loyal patrons who believed in our vision, Adonis launched a second night each month.

… [The club is now in operation Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, opening at 10pm], offering a stage show featuring 30 dancers, full bar, lap dances and champagne rooms. Adonis employs a show format, which allows us to focus on those three nights weekly, while regularly featuring the adult industry’s top porn stars, escorts, and special guests.

… In addition to the many special guests and porn stars appearing regularly, Adonis actively recruits the top dancers from all over the country and internationally as well. We maintain a steady stream of talent from places like Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and even Montreal just to name a few. But perhaps one of our biggest assets, and we certainly have some big ones, is that we have a unique and bountiful spring of dancers representing almost every continent and ethnicity. Our diversity and range cover everything from All-American Muscle Jocks, to hot Latinos, twinks, Russians, Brown Sugar, and even Muscle Bears. Whatever your style or flavor, Adonis is guaranteed to have it in stock, and jock. Adonis Lounge also co-promotes large scale NYC events such as Rentboy’s famed Hustlaball

… Adonis’s vision has remained the same since our humble beginnings. We always aim to provide a fun and safe respite from the stresses of daily life the best way we know how…lots of HOT guys! Adonis Lounge has emerged as the #1 M4M [men for men] strip club in NYC and gained recognition nationally as one of the industry leaders in this genre of male entertainment. … With the recent move to our own larger club, the future looks bright for Adonis and we embrace our role as a permanent fixture in the gay community in NYC and beyond.

A note both linguistic and cultural. The club’s literature doesn’t call it a gay strip club; and the word gay comes up only in reference to the gay community (as above) and Gay Pride celebrations. The club isn’t gay, much less queer or homosexual; it’s a M4M club. There are no queers there, only men who enjoy sex with men. No men who desire other men, or (even more seriously) view such desire as a component of their personal identity — just men who engage in sex acts with other men. And everybody is really really macho-butch; there are no fems there, certainly no fags.

As I said, both linguistic and cultural.

On the recreational use of gay porn. Two components here: jacking off as recreation, as an action for pleasure; and gay porn as an aid to the practice.

Now, I’m on record here as advocating masturbation as a source of one of life’s satisfying minor pleasures (but of course if it doesn’t suit you, then don’t do it). It can be a welcome moment in your day, like a coffee break, a muscle-stretch, or a snack. Or it can be a more extended event. It’s naturally performed solo, so that it provides occasions for sexual pleasure in moments when a partner happens not be to available, and it requires no negotiation with another person, so it’s easy. It can be mixed in with all sorts of other sexual pleasures, or it can provide an entire sexual life (as it has done for me for 15 years now).

In addition, it can be practiced with a like-minded partner (or partners), as a sexual act on its own. Thoroughly safe, if the participants merely — merely! — provide sights and sounds to arouse one another. Or it can serve as foreplay. I recall jacking off with gay buddies very fondly.

But jacking off is (usually) not just  the physical action. For most of us, it’s driven by fantasies — in our heads, in our talking out loud (once I ended up spending a substantial amount of time living alone, I realized I could provide my own dirty sex talk, and that was very satisfying), or provided by visual or auditory porn. Gay porn films provide both sight and sound, and are engineered to appeal to a variety of tastes, but, especially, to clothe extravagant fantasies in realistic trappings, to make them more powerful.

It’s been my custom of some years’ standing to try to reserve Sunday morning as gay porn time — using only familiar porn films, so that I can work on my writing but take brief breaks to view what’s going on in the current film, get a pleasant minor hard-on, and then go back to my work. Eventually, I’ll use the film for its intended purpose and shoot my load, but that might not happen for several hours.

Since I’m an analyst of all things having to do with gay porn, I sometimes notice something worthy of analysis and comment, and drop my other work to branch off onto that topic.

And, again, recreational gay porn can be enjoyed with a like-minded partner. You can comment on the action and on one another’s responses to it, and maybe move on to man-on-man sex. You get a lot of sensory input: your own hard-on, what you’re doing and saying, his hard-on, what he’s doing and saying, and everything that’s happening on-screen. You’re floating together in this hot fog of sexual feelings. (In the long-distant past, this worked nicely for Jacques and me.)

Interestingly, gay porn is, or at least used to be, a major thing at gay sex clubs. Its function there is to help as many guys as possible maintain their hard-ons while they’re advertising themselves for whatever kind of sex they want. If you start to slide towards coming, you can just take your hand off your dick and look away from the screen, to recover your composure.

All this is about gay porn. I really don’t get straight porn at all, and not just because the women’s bodies and the sex acts totally fail to arouse me — though that’s true — but also because what I’ve seen mostly seems to be so contemptuous of women. I wonder what the straight porn films of Peter North — the Bigger Better Adonis from above — are like, but not enough to seek them out.


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