DVD offers: second announcement, plus a new one

Offers of DVDs, asking only for the mailing cost. To request an offer, E-MAIL ME at arnold.zwicky@gmail.com specifying what you are asking for and giving your postal address (Kim Darnell — drdcrunk@gmail.com — will then get in touch with you to make arrangements).

I begin with the most pressing set of offers, XXX-rated gay porn DVDs. We have no other outlet for these, so the unclaimed ones will be junked. (The others can be donated to local agencies.)

The hard stuff (offer #3). XXX gay porn (ranging widely over the genre), 7 boxes remaining, with 18-20 discs per box, arranged alphabetically by title; box 8 is filled out by a set of teaser discs, trailers, and bonus discs; you can ask for specific boxes (any number of them) or for N boxes, we choose

1 The Abduction, Parts I-III and The Adorable to The Biggest One I Eer Saw and Big River

3 Deep Inside and Desert Train to Giant Splash and Gonzo Gay

4 Head Trips and Hot Property to Man Up and Manville

5 The Matinee Idol and Missionary to Argentina to Posing Strap and Pound Puppy

6 Rapture Inn and Raw Footage to Skuff: Downright Filthy and Slave Toy

7 Snow Trip Big Bear and Spank ’em Hard to These Bases Are Loaded: Bat Boys in Action and Thrust

8 Tighty Whiteys and Tool Box to White Trash and Zak Attack, plus the extra

(Please don’t hang back in making a request out of politeness, thinking that there must be others who would want this material more than you do. That way leads to the junk heap.)

Kiddie stuff. Offer #1: a set of about a dozen animated DVDs for children (some tv, plus animated penguins and Finding Nemo.

New offer. #4, gay tv, a set of two:

Dante’s Cove (more or less a gay Dark Shadows), seasons 1-3 complete

Noah’s Arc (more or less a gay Friends), season 1 complete

More offers to come.


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