Two tennis-playing Zwickys

My old friend Ellen Sulkis James, musing on my name, e-mailed today:

I just read about someone else whose last name is Zwicky —  think it was someone involved with tennis.

Memories are often fugitive and hazy. Perhaps that’s what’s going on here. My searches for people named Zwicky with a tennis connection pulled up only two, both of them most unlikely to have come to ESJ’s attention: the investment banker Daniel Zwicky, who’s billed as an avid tennis player now and, when young in Switzerland, competed at a national level; and the Molson Coors IT specialist Michelle Zwicky, who was a notable tennis player in college two decades ago.

Brief notes on the two of them, for the Page on this blog on my postings about Zwickys of note.

Daniel Zwicky. My 12/9/16 posting “Two Daniel Zwickys” covers (with photos) Daniel the hair stylist / barber in Fort Lauderdale FL; and Daniel the investment banker in London.

The banker’s back in the news. From the Providence Equity Partners website: “Daniel Zwicky Named One of the “25 Rising Stars of Private Equity” in Europe by Private Equity News” on 7/6/23 [the rising stars must be under the age of 40]:

Daniel Zwicky joined Providence Equity Partners in 2016 as an associate and has since been promoted twice, latterly to senior vice-president in 2021.

…An avid tennis player, he competed at a national level in Switzerland in his youth. Zwicky was also once a semi-professional floorball – a type of hockey – player in the Swiss national league.

What can I say: he’s fiercely athletic, good-looking, hard-driving, and prodigiously multilingual (you weren’t expecting Spanish, but yes, that too).

Michelle Zwicky. Her LinkedIn photo:

Information assembled from various sources: Michelle Zwicky played notable tennis at Marian University in Fond du Lac WI in 2007-11; she’s now in IT at the Molson Coors Beverage Co. in Greater Milwaukee WI.

I would of course welcome information about any other tennis-playing Zwickys that ESJ might have noticed. Or any thoughts about what’s like playing tennis that some Zwicky might be notably involved with.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Michelle Zwicky’s job title is:

    IT Service Management Process Specialist

    which just defeats me; I’ve been calling her an “IT specialist”.

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