The Zwicky deer head

Annals of bizarre commerce, in today’s announcement by Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky that she has ordered an (ornamental) deer head with ZWICKY (among other things) emblazoned on it. From Miho Unexpected Things (“Striking and fun italian home decor”), where it’s one of a number of deer heads on offer:

(#1) This particular model is named Zwickypedia; ZWICKY is presumably pronounced en français, like the other words on the head

WTF!? you exclaim / ask. Why ZWICKY?

Miho’s explanation of Zwickypedia doesn’t really advance things:

WHAT TO (UN)EXPECT: Created for Fleux, one of the most renowned shop[s] in Paris, on the occasion of [its] 10th anniversary. The stylish ribbon gently leans on the antlers to add a stylish mood to the new eco-friendly deer: great for Fleux, perfect for your home!

Crafted from MDF in Germany, each deer head arrives flat packed with simple instructions: fun and easy to assemble. Sections click together and are held securely with rubber rings. No glue or tools required. Environmentally friendly, made using eco materials and non-toxic colouring. [$79.29]

What you need to know here is something that Elizabeth and I recalled from previous experience with the trendy Parisian home furnishings shops Fleux’ — that the main shop has a mascot, Zwicky le Chat, an actual cat:

(#2) The cat as it was some years back, when I wrote about it in my 10/16/16 posting “Zwicky le Chat”

Alas, this merely reduces one unsolved puzzle to another one, since we have no idea why the cat was named Zwicky. I speculated in “Zwicky le Chat”:

Does it sound fashionable (alluding, say, to Zwicky thread — recall the moderately famous cat poster by Donald Brun for the thread company — and/or the Swiss designer Stefan Zwicky)? Or, more likely, is it seen as a “cute” and somewhat silly name?

In any case, Zwicky le Chat [was] the public face of the store for its 10th anniversary, and appears in quite a few items, including … cushions, plus lamps and boxes and, most remarkably, in an origami cat (available in pink, gray, and mint green). Yes, you have to assemble it yourself (instructions included)

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