Gorey on evil

On Pinterest this morning, the first two panels of Edward Gorey’s The Disrespectful Summons (1971) (also in the collection Amphigorey Too):



Pleased by contemplating this reign of evil, I’ve assembled postings on Gorey into a Page on this blog.

The story continues with another dozen panels:

3 That night she saw when she undressed
His mark was burned upon her breast.


5 It brought a recipe for fudge
Of pounded pencil-stubs and sludge.

6 Also a book called Ninety-two
Entirely Evil Things To Do.

7 She cindered toast and rotted silk
Corroded tin and curdled milk.

8 Her laugh made beetles swoon: her frown
Made geese and cows turn upside down.

9 She did her neighbours’ forms in wax
And stuck them full of pins and tacks.

10 They then expired with frightful pains
Inside their bowels, lungs and brains.

11 She got from somewhere stones with eyes
And plants that gave out screams and sighs.

12 But then the demon, much too soon
Returned one Sunday afternoon.

13 He seized her hair and with his hoof
He kicked a way out through the roof.


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