Just elected to the American Academy

… of Arts and Sciences, (at least) 7 scholars in linguistics and the language sciences — 6 women and one man:

— in Psychological Sciences, Leda Cosmides (UC Santa Barbara) and Virginia Valian (CUNY)

— in Education, Ofelia Garcia (CUNY)

— in Literature and Language Studies, Claire Bowern (Yale), Salikoko Mufwene (Chicago), Hazel Simmons-McDonald (Univ. of the West Indies), and Elizabeth Traugott (Stanford)

Notes on the last two. Elizabeth Traugott is an old friend and colleague whose work I’ve often cited in this blog. I once gave her a hand with a Stanford course, and we have written together. From Wikipedia:

Elizabeth Closs Traugott (born April 9, 1939 in the UK) is an American linguist and Professor Emerita of Linguistics and English, Stanford University. She is best known for her work on grammaticalization, subjectification, and constructionalization.

… She served as Chair of the Department of Linguistics at Stanford University from 1980-1985 [when she was instrumental in bringing me to Stanford as a long-term visitor] and as Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies from 1985-1991.

As for Hazel Simmons-McDonald, the first thing to note is that ECT was her adviser for a Stanford MA in Linguistics. Then from Wikipedia:

(#1) (photo: UWI)

Hazel Simmons-McDonald (born 1947) is a St. Lucian writer and linguist. She is known for her work as a professor and administrator at the University of the West Indies, as well as her poetry, which has been published in periodicals, anthologies, and the 2004 collection Silk Cotton and Other Trees.

(#2) Her 2006 book in linguistics


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    By my reckoning, this brings the AmAcad total in Stanford linguistics to 2 of the current core faculty (Jurafsky, Manning) and 5 emeritus faculty (Bresnan, Eckert, Kiparsky, Rickford, Traugott); not at all shabby. (I don’t count, ’cause I’m an adjunct, not a real faculty member.)

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