Two winged men

Something of a present to me from Vadim Temkin: two of his recent digital artworks; he writes:

When I was doing these winged men, a warrior angel and Icarus, I was thinking of you.

Thinking of me because I have a thing for winged men (often posted about on this blog).

So here they are, cropped for WordPress modesty.

(#1) The warrior angel, dark and fearsome

(#2) Icarus, the optimistic youth

For me, this alar moment is very much a not-dead-yet posting, the merest Little Thing, actually standing in for a Little Thing on the exclamation ta-da!, which became unexpectedly complex; that posting was intended to be a way to avoid whining more in public about the appalling state of my health. Life is complicated.

But it was a lovely warm day, and I was able to cover a block with my outdoor walker, first time in months.

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    Yay for getting outside!

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