Flaunting it

About the display of the male body, but also about gesture and facial expression.

Today, from the Daily Jocks people, an ad for products from the Pump! firm, specifically for a line of socks for working out, but with links to the company’s larger catalogue, which tends to feature underwear models “projecting steamy desirability” (as I put it in my Rafael Nadal posting) — in fact projecting a male-hustler persona while teasingly flaunting the pleasures of their bodies.

There’s shirt-lifting (focused on the abs), pants-lowering in the front (pointing towards the crotch), pants-lowering in the back (pointing towards the butt-crack), and armpit displays. The models stare intently into the viewers’ eyes, narrowing their own eyes (signalling arousal combined with dominance, rather than anger), and sometimes opening their lips slightly (another sign of arousal). They are scruffily hypermasculine, projecting not fitness and athleticism, but intense, even urgent, sexuality.

Shirt-lifting — the practice as well as the expression — has been featured on this blog a number of times, notably in a posting of 9/23/09 illustrating several degrees of shirt-lifting, but with a  cleancut boy-next-door fitness model rather than a hustler wannabe. Pump! offers several degrees as well, from a modest peek (from a relatively cleancut model):


The Pump! Beach Hood Tank

to a going-for-the-nipple baring (combined with an armpit dislay, and really big biceps):


The Pump! Shockwave Tank

Then, pants-lowering (in the front), a standard cock-tease gesture; a posting, on the practice and the expression, of 11/9/09 is here. Now, the Pump! Touchdown Panther Brief:


On to pants-lowering in the rear, or crack-flaunting. The Pump! Iron Clad Boxer:


Finally, a pure armpit display (plus a great torso, a sizable basket, narrowed eyes, and an open mouth), showing off the Pump! Sonic Brief:


(The models in #2, 3, and 5 look very similar to one another., though close scrutiny of their bodies would suggest they’re different men. On the other hand, guys can shave their bodies, and images can be PhotoShopped.)

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