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Assembling materials for my posting on Jack Adams underwear for men took me further into the world of homowear, premium men’s underwear brands (pricey, emphasizing athleticism and stylishness, plus comfort and sexiness, and also homoerotically tinged) and the world of the male underwear models who are used by these brands — both crowded and competitive fields these days. And there I came across this David Wagner photo of model José Parra displaying his muscular body and offering his crotch (and one armpit) in a wrestling singlet (aka wrestler) from N2N:


I’ll be posting a few more photos of Joey Parra (as he is also known), mostly doing enthusiastic cock-tease performances, and also information about some of the homowear brands he’s worked for, starting with N2N.

Wrestling singlets. Strictly speaking, #1 is not a cock-tease performance, since this wrestling singlet is cut super low by design, so that anyone wearing it will be displaying pubic hair. The garment is not a piece of athletic gear at all; it’s a piece of homowear. Note the stylish fabric and the pouch enhancement.

Here’s a genuine athletic singlet, from a wrestling supplies firm:


It has a U neck, like many athletic shirts, but it’s not scooped low.

An intermediate case, from the style-conscious firm Pistol Pete:


This has a scoop neck, designed to show off the wearer’s manly chest, and it’s stylish, but it has no pouch enhancement, and it could in principle be worn on a wrestling mat (especially if your team’s colors are gold and black).

Homowear singlets are scooped way low, below the navel, to display the whole torso; they are pouch-enhancing; they’re likely to be made of sexy materials (faux leather, shiny fabrics, camo fabric, fabrics in intense colors); and sometimes they have open rears, offering the wearer’s butt as well as his crotch (the singlet in #1 does not). They are for fun and display, not athletic competition.

Of course, the attraction of a wrestling singlet, even one not homo-enhanced, is the combination of the high masculinity of  sports and the high homoeroticism of two sweaty, minimally clad men in prolonged close physical contact with one another.

The N2N brand. From the Underwear Expert site:

Designed to offer a flattering fit, N2N Bodywear offers a wide selection of men’s underwear, swimwear, active wear and loungewear specifically for gay male consumers or adventurous metro-sexuals. Founded in Los Angeles in 1997 by fashion designer, Andrew MacKay, N2N (short for “Next to Nothing”) offers an apparel line that embraces the male physique and provides customers with a number of options. N2N Bodywear’s mission is to provide the most comfortable, quality apparel to make any man feel masculine, sexy and confident.

The N2N Underwear line offers a variety of styles such as revealing G-strings or jockstraps as well as trunks or long johns that hug the body. The brand utilizes natural and synthetic fibers such as cotton, polyester and spandex to achieve a lightweight, smooth feel. The brand provides a variety of selections with different colors and prints. For a flattering contour enhancing silhouette, N2N offers its own nHANCE pouch, which lifts and supports your package. N2N Mens Underwear also provides a sensual touch with several ranges featuring see-through fabrics.

N2N underwear is in the premium range (mostly $20-$30 apiece), but they also offer some specialty items, especially in the Erotic category, where you can find

(1) The C-Strap (for cock strap), essentially a nylon/spandex cock ring, which N2N bills as a “bulge booster” and “ball lifter”. In various kicky colors, at $14 apiece.


(2) The N2N Suede Harness, which goes for $40:


(3) And another homowear wrestling singlet, The Liquid Skin Wrestler, which sells for $44:


On José “Joey” Parra. He’s now in his late 20s. Lives in Montebello CA (in L.A. County, east of downtown L.A.). His entry on the Model Mayhem site says he doesn’t do nude shots… but he’s clearly an adventurous fellow. From a 12/13/13 feature in Next Magazine, “Colby Melvin, Brent Corrigan and [José Parra] model the smallest men’s underwear you’ve ever seen [NSFW]”:

Looking for a stocking stuffer that won’t take up too much space? PetitQ has taken revealing underwear to a whole new level with their latest line of incredibly skimpy products. (Seriously, you could use some of these to floss.) [with a link to an entertaining video; a screen shot from the video]


Joey’s big break was modeling for Andrew Christian. Here he is, younger and tamer than above (but still intense), modeling an AC jockstrap:


On the Andrew Christian brand. From the Underwear Expert:

Based in Los Angeles, California, Andrew Christian underwear was founded in 1997. Led by the brand’s namesake creative director, Andrew Christian, the brand is best known for its devoted fan base, viral video campaigns, innovative pouches and designs and, of course, the ever popular Andrew Christian models.

The brand is perhaps most well known for its anatomically correct Almost Naked range of men’s underwear. The range features a hang-free pouch designed to enhance the profile of the package and maximize comfort.

AC on this blog:

“Male vanity” of 3/30/11: the AC Shock Jock Flirt Brief (with “a soft hidden cup, sculpted into a penis shape”)

“For Stonewall Day” of 6/28/12: including “a puppy pile of Andrew Christian football boyz”

“Color and advertising your preference” of 2/27/15: ad copy for AC; photos of the CoolFlex Retro Brief Jock and the C-Ring Brief Jock (brief jock = jock brief, brief in front, jock in the rear)

David Wagner and Rufskin. In Joey’s next big career move, he hooked up with L.A. male photographer David Wagner for work with Rufskin garments (underwear and jeans), both for ads and for cock-tease play. In all of these shots, the man is sexily intense. I find these shots really hot and at the same time really funny.

Two underwear cock-teases, with Joey using both hands to pull his skivvies down to show some pubes and suggest that he might be willing to go all the way for you:



And then a nice sequence, with the ad first (with both armpits displayed), followed by a one-handed cock-tease pants-lowering (the other hand in use for an armpit display):



In the jeans cock-teases, Joey has undone his fly and pushed his jeans down to expose his pubes and (usually) also his cockroot, leaving both his hands free to do whatever he wants with them:



In the underwear cock-teases, Joey is naked except for the underwear, so all the muscles on the front of his body are on display. In these two jeans cock-teases he’s exposing some of this musculature, by opening his shirt in #13, by shirt-lifting in #14.

The Underwear Expert (in January 2013) on the Wagner / Parra / Rufskin shoot:

David Wagner recently photographed this series of Jose Parra Rufskin photos. Parra pulls Rufskin off like a champ – the 25 year old model really isn’t shy in front of the camera and is more than willing to give us a peek at what’s going on underneath in these Rufskin photos. We see Parra in briefs, boxer briefs, button-fly jeans and even a bow tie. The tan and muscular model reminds us just how seductive and sensual the California based apparel brand can be.

(As far as I can tell, WagnerLA has appeared on this blog only once before, in yesterday’s posting on Jack Adams underwear — with cock-tease shots of model John Strand.)

The Rufskin brand. A San Diego firm founded by Hubert Pouches and Douglas Coats. From its website:

Rufskin began with a desire to fill a void in men’s fashion, starting with the ethos of our brand: a well-cut, sexy men’s jean. The business grew from its original artisan denim line, created from a garage in San Diego, to a global menswear company encompassing swimwear, underwear and athletic wear. It is built on the foundation of being at once vintage, sexy, masculine, athletic, futuristic and above all, well crafted.

“About Rufskin: Ruf but Smooth” by Darren Styles, who interviewed the founders:

Coats: “Hubert and I met in Paris back in the ’90s, where he ran a modeling agency and I was one of the models. He’d previously worked for a couple of fashion labels there, Bernard Perris and Courreges, and after a decade together we decided to become business partners, too”

… The kick-start for Rufskin was the founders’ realisation that there was a gap in the men’s denim market, where men were going into women’s stores to find jeans with a fitted, sexier cut – as styles elsewhere had morphed into something altogether more workmanlike. “So we started with low-rise jeans with unique styling and made that our signature,” recalls Pouches.

… some of the Rufskin output has a reputation for being somewhat risqué

Rufskin came up in this blog in a 7/1/10 posting with the poem “Golden State Rufskin Tit”, based in part on a Rufskin ad — one that features, among other things, yet another homowear wrestling singlet.

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