Calendars: Boy Next Door, Philip Fusco

(A little bit of language stuff, but mostly about male photography and homoeroticsm.)

As Mr. April was replaced by Mr. May in my Boy Next Door calendar (photography by David Arnot), I reflected once again on the inappropriateness of the label boy for the men in this line of calendars. And then, looking for net images of the calendar, I stumbled on the underwear model Philip Fusco, who like Daniel Garofali in an earlier posting, specializes in what I’ve called cock tease shots.

This year’s Boy Next Door calendar: front cover here (with a pits ‘n’ tits display) —


and back cover, with the men of each month, here —


Lots of Just Barely Covered shots. Carefully sculpted bodies, handsome faces (not a one of them smiling, alas), shirt-lifting and armpit shots, but the focus is on the men’s dicks, even though we don’t actually see them.

On boys in these calendars:

Back on December 31st, I posted on male photographer David Arnot and his Boy Next Door calendars (for 2012 and 2013), with a full set of the images from the 2012 calendar. On Facebook, Michael Newman then inquired:

On a language point, doesn’t “boys next door,” imply a kind of (pseudo)unposed twinkish look? If so, these guys may be hot, but not in a boy-next-door way.

Michael is both a card-carrying linguist and a gay man, so brings two kinds of inside information to the discussion, both relevant, and, in this case, his critique is right on. These  guys might or might not be hot — that’s a matter of taste — but they’re not boys next door, in modern American English, at any rate. (link)

Then, in searching on {“boy next door”}, I came across the Boy Next Door Blog, which recommended the Philip Fusco 2013 calendar. Three images from the calendar: a small naked shot of Fusco (but with dick concealed) and two larger ones of him in underwear, doing the beginnings of pants-lowering maneuvers:




Then, from other sources, more extravagant cock teases. First, a moose-knuckle display, plus a pits ‘n’ tits display (his legs are always hairy, but his chest is sometimes smooth, sometimes very lightly furred; he sometimes has light facial scruff trimmed like a beard outlining his chin, sometimes is clean-shaven):


Then extreme pants-lowering:


Then (clean-shaven) shirt-lifting (displaying his armpits meanwhile) combined with extreme pants-lowering:


Finally, Fusco in the most minimal of sheer undergarments, pulled down almost to the cockroot:

So many ways to display his dick while concealing it. More can be viewed in this video of Fusco cock-teasing in Andrew Christian underwear:

There’s an entire (huge) Pinterest gallery devoted to Fusco here — one of a number of such galleries.

Fusco describing himself on his Facebook page:

Philip Fusco is a New York-based commercial, lifestyle and fitness model dedicated to inspiring you with his physique and passionate lifestyle! [underwear doesn’t come into it]

His blog, Phil’s Spot, is here. And a video in which Fusco is interviewed for The Underwear Expert is viewable here.

Finally, there are a very few full-frontal shots of Fusco. A few are available here; a particularly nice one is now on AZBlogX, here.


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