The news from AZBlogX: twinks, Close Up, scruff cum

Over on AZBlogX, several recent postings:

First, on “Twinkalicious porn”, X-rated images for a forthcoming posting on this blog on the word twinkalicious (and its variants) — an instance of the libfix -(V)licious.

Then, continuing the twink theme, a posting on “Two twinks” who have come into the gay porn world recently: Johnny Rapid and Hunter Page. Not much about language here, beyond Johnny Rapid’s wonderful name, but another exploration into the construction of identities (twink) and the configuration of (sexual) relationships in Gayland.

Then an account of the gay porn flick Close Up, preparing the way for a forthcoming posting on this blog about the first scene of the film, involving Trenton Ducati and Jessy Ares — in part about the use of language in this encounter and in part about the the assignment of roles — what I’ve called b vs. t — in this encounter.

Finally, “Scruff cum”, on men with scruffy or bearded faces with cum on their faces. An exercise in sexual practices, with no linguistic content I can see.

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