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It began with the porn flick Twinkalicious (a 5-hour compilation of scenes featuring twink sex, that is, sex between twinks). The front cover of the DVD (showing a twink sucking cock) and the back cover (a montage of twinks in heat) can be viewed in the posting “Twinkalicious porn” on AZBlogX (where such images are allowed). The word twinkalicious has two parts, the twink part (with a piece of sexuality slang) and the -licious part (related in some way to delicious). I’ll comment on both parts. But first, some other combinations of these two parts.

More -licious sex. Next up: a series of three Twink-A-Licious porn flicks, the front covers of which are (just barely) WordPressable:


Summary of the action in this flick (courtesy of the blogger 8TeenBoy) on the TLA Video site, here.



My “Twinkalicious porn” posting has the back cover of the first of these (#3 there), an extremely crowded montage of twink sex.

Then came two bloggers, one using the name Twinkilicious, the other the name Twinkielicious.

Finally, there’s a Twinkylicious porn site; the image from the home page on the Twinkylicious.com site (which offers huge numbers of films of twinkies having sex, plus still photos of hot twinkies) is #4 in my “Twinkalicious porn” posting. And there’s also a Twinkylicious Bareback porn site.

So there is variation in the way twink / twinkie / twinky gets combined with -(V)licioustwinkalicioustwink-a-licious, twinkilicious, twinkielicioustwinkylicious. Compare these to my treatment of scruffalicious and scruffilicious.

On twink and twinkie. (Twinky is sometimes found as a variant of the usual twinkie.) Discussion of these items (and on the Hostess snack food) in a posting of mine on male photographer Howard Roffman, who specializes in twinks. Here’s an Urban Dictionary entry (by M. Alan Wood 2/17/08) on twinkalicious that makes a stab at defining twink:

Formed by a combination of the words twink and delicious. It is used as an adjective to describe a very attractive young white male. Twinks tend to be under 25 years old, slim, no body hair, stylish hair and clothing, enjoy clubbing, effeminate and somewhat arrogant. They are also considered to be the ultimate prize for many older gay males, a trophy boyfriend.

Twinkalicious can also be used to describe a situation or setting.

Have you been to the new club downtown? I heard it is twinkalicious. Packed wall to wall with hotties.

This entry has several of the problems that afflict UD entries (some discussion here). It describes a stereotype of the twink, injects the writer’s opinions and attitudes, and adds side information that’s not really relevant to the definition.

For the record: twinks are by no means all white — there are Asian and Asian American twinks of several ethnicities, and some black ones as well — and many are in no way effeminate, or arrogant, for that matter. What they do have is youthful male beauty, embodying the ideal of Apollo rather than Priapus. There are muscle twinks and preppy twinks and even leather twinks. Light body hair doesn’t disqualify a young man from twinkhood, but there are limits. Serious facial scruff moves you towards Priapus territory, but a small beard, for instance a goatee, is fine (indeed, the cocksucking twink on the front cover of the Twinkalicious DVD — #1 in “Twinkalicious porn” — has a modest goatee).

As with all social categories, the central members of the TWINK category are easy to discern, but the boundaries of the category are fuzzy, and many men will clearly belong neither to TWINK nor to one of its alternatives, like BEAR.

On -licious. From a 2009 posting of mine on “Liciousness”:

On her Fritinancy blog, Nancy Friedman has recently posted (under the heading “the tastiest suffix”) an inventory of playful -licious brand names and brand descriptors, from Bake-a-Licious through Zombielicious. The -licious words come up every so often on Language Log, starting with 2006 postings by me (here) and Ben Zimmer (here), and going on with additional examples in 2007 (here) and this year (here).

In my 2006 posting, I wrote that:

there are cites of babelicious and blackalicious from 1992, which seems to have been a particularly morpholicious year.  The larger point is that -Vlicious words are likely to have been invented independently on many occasions, as portmanteaus, leading eventually to the emergence of the jocular suffix.  Some innovations in language have no clear single moment of creation, but arise as natural re-workings of the material of a language, by many different hands.

That is, -(V)licious is moving into libfix territory. In a 2011 posting on “Pornmanteaus”, I noted the  following items with “libfixes or incipient libfixes” attached to the base porn (relevant ones for this posting boldfaced):

pornacious, pornastrophe / porntastrophe, pornerrific, porneteria / pornoteria, pornilicous / pornalicious, pornmageddon / pornageddon, pornocaplypse / pornpocalypse, pornorarama, pornoscopic, pornotopic, pornovision, pornplex / pornoplex, porntastic, pornucopia, pornvalanche / pornalanche, pornzilla

For most of these, the semantic contribution of the combining element has been bleached to some degree, a point I expanded on in a 2012 posting on portmanteaus:

The appearance of dicktionary in [a] product description reminded me of another family of portmanteau words: cocktacular, cocktastic, cockalicious; dicktacular, dicktastic, dickalicious (cock / dick + spectacular / fantastic / delicious). All are in the Urban Dictionary. Some of them have uses related to sex, but mostly they seem to be generically positive adjectives (with cock or dick in there purely as attention-getters).

I’m inclined to see the various -(V)licious words based on twink(ie) in the same light: the final formative contributes merely (strong) positive affect, rather than attributing sensory deliciousness. Some -(V)licious words do look more like portmanteaus; from my 2012 posting:

Then there’s Dickalicious, an “edible penis arousal gel”, available in four flavors: banana, strawberry, raspberry, pina colada. [The gel provides you with a delicious dick.]

But most seem to have a generically positive libfix. In particular, a twinkalicious young man is a hot twink, not necessarily literally delicious. And a twinkalicious club is one that’s well supplied with such men.


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