For Dad

I’ll start with today’s Rhymes With Orange, recognizing (U.S.) Father’s Day:

Jokes in service of the genepool.

On to an Undergear ad for the occasion:

This is remarkable in its depiction of some classic Dad presents — ties and pens — despite the fact that these things are not in fact sold by Undergear (which, as I have often posted about, specializes in remarkable underwear with a special appeal to gay men; most recent posting, on AZBlogX, here, most recent posting on this blog here).

Finally, the GameLink people (who offer gay porn) are celebrating the occasion by offering

15% Off On Dads & Twinks Movies

Dad in this context has a special reading, not particularly relevant for Father’s Day:

Gay daddies are older men with big hard cocks. Older men with the authority to be the boss and the equipment to make you like it. See naked daddies, hairy daddies, old daddies, muscle daddies, bear daddies, chubby daddies, and more gay daddy porn here. Daddies fucking, daddy sex and lots more! (link)

And twink:

Twink films feature young, innocent, horny gay guys who just can’t wait for a new sexual experience. Twinks on gay adult movies may not be the most experienced boys on the block, but they’re more than willing to learn. Featuring boyish, attractive men, with slender physiques and minimal body hair, twink movies are all about passion, lust, and new sexual experiences. See gay porn studs and lots of first time porn experiences in our Twink porn section. (link)

(Posting on twink here.)

Offerings not illustrated here.

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