Everyday twisters

There are some ordinary phrases that tend to trip me up, every time. Little everyday twisters. Recently:

small salmon Caesar salad

(which I sometimes order for lunch at Gordon Biersch) and

the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

(who I’ve been listening to recently, playing along with Doc Watson).

These aren’t contrived to induce errors (as is, say, “The Leith police dismisseth us, and no one sympathizeth with us”), and they’re not massively challenging. But still.

Other nominations of everyday twisters? The floor is open.





2 Responses to “Everyday twisters”

  1. Greg Stump Says:

    On several occasions over the years, I’ve noticed myself saying “a queek pick” for “a quick peek”. Not even close to being a tongue twister; maybe that’s partly why I mispronounce it–my articulatory defenses are down.

  2. Robert Says:

    I occasionally have trouble with “roasted root vegetables”.

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