Johnny Rapid evolves

(Men’s bodies and talk about sex between men, in street language, so not at all appropriate for kids and the sexually modest)

A follow-up to my 3/13 posting “Pornstars do this so you don’t have to”, in which pornstar Johnny Rapid engages in challengingly athletic sex — in 2021 as the top in 69spitroasting (in NakedSword’s Lake Need), in 2015 as the bottom in Flying Cowboy.

Then, yesterday, in my e-mail, the HUNT e-magazine (for Falcon / NakedSword gay porn) issue 249, with the high-puffery article “Model Spotlight – Johnny Rapid”, about the actor’s evolution from the 2011-15 guy to the 2015 one:

(#1) The callipygian JR on Lake Need; no longer a twink, a boy, or (mostly) a bottom, though he still enjoys getting fucked every now and again

Multiple-award-winning, trend-setting superstar Johnny Rapid is one of the most-popular stars in all of gay porn. The world just can’t seem to get enough of this handsome stud. Constantly evolving since he began in the biz, Johnny, who rose to fame as a bottom, is full steam ahead with his newfound love of topping. In the new era of Johnny Rapid, he’s still the same smooth hunk with a sizeable cock, explosive presence and mouth-watering bubble butt we all know, but now he’s delivering power top energy. This summer, Johnny starred in his very first NakedSword Originals blockbuster, documenting his crazy, epic birthday party in, Happy Fuckin’ Birthday Johnny Rapid. Now, Rapid has stars in the newest NakedSword Original feature Lake Need, and there are more NakedSword titles on the way. You know him, you love him, now join him on his next endeavor, because he only gets better.

You might start as a twink, a boy, (mostly) a bottom, but as you age you are likely to evolve — often, to your surprise — into a daddy (or to a guy who could serve as a daddy), and possibly also (mostly) a top. Three things (at least) here, not necessarily tightly aligned: twink, a sociocultural type (or even subcultural identity) in the gay world (conventionally contrasted with bear, clone, etc.); boy, a persona, as the junior partner in a daddy-boy relationship (accepting emotional support and sexual guidance from his daddy, who is, typically, an older, more powerful, and more experienced man); and bottom, a sexual taste, for the receptive role in anal intercourse.

These changes happen in real life (though sexual taste tends to be more resistant to change than sociocultural type or persona), and if they happen for a pornstar twink, boy, or bottom, they can extend his working life significantly.

Boy into daddy. from my 5/12/18 posting “Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar”:

Recent Facebook conversation, initiated by poster J1:

First time being called “Daddy” while playing with a guy at a bar. Bittersweet!

With a response from J2:

Yeah, I can see the bittersweet part, for sure. Heh. I remember you as a total twink.

And from me:

Ah, those days. For me, it was papacito from a cute server at a Mexican restaurant. I was charmed. [I should add that the server read as way gay and was clearly flirting with me.]

… You can only be young so long (J1 once was indeed a twink [and so was likely to be pegged as a potential boy as well as a bottom]), but then you become a [potential] daddy, and might be addressed or referred to as such.

(There’s a Page on this blog on postings about daddy-boy relationships, but without much on potential daddies and potential boys.)

Aging out of twinkdom. Within the sociocultural type, the ideal twink is a mid to late adolescent, sexually mature but still youthful. For legal reasons in the United States, a porn actor or photographer’s model portraying a twink has to be at least 18, so there’s a premium on guys who are 18 but look like 15 or 16 and for guys in their early 20s — where there’s a big pool of candidate actors and models — who look 18 or 19. But both in the real world and in the fantasy world of actors and models, you can’t be a twink forever; you might still be really cute, you might be submissive, you might be an enthusiastic bottom, but at some point you’re just a queer guy: twink no longer.

Meanwhile, twinkdom is a complex package, with its many fans — including photographers who celebrate the type — and its specialist variants (Asian twinks, muscle twinks).

Of the photographers who have made their careers primarily on twinks, Howard Roffman is especially notable; I think of him as the twinkmeister, as in my 3/6/12 posting “The twinkmeister”. Roffman specializes in twinks, often naked, often engaged in sex with one another. A solo shot, with the model’s dick covered:

(#2) From Roffman’s Loving Brian (2005), on his 18-year-old model Brian exploring his sexuality

(My twinkmeister posting has a substantial section on the term twink. And there’s a Page on this blog on postings about twinks.)

While Johnny Rapid has moved from twink bottom boy to daddy-style top, many great twinks just leave the business when they’re no longer credible as twinks, or shift their porn persona from twink to devoted bottom. Great twink Kevin Wiles in a sense did both: he had a long (roughly 10-year — mid-80s to mid-90s) porn career, in which he transitioned to devoted bottom, and then he retired from the business.

My 2/9/16 posting “Morning names: wiles, Wiles” has a long section on Wiles and his porn persona (and his sexual tastes). From that section:

Though a porn actor is asked to adopt a different persona for each character he plays, almost always he’s developed a more enduring persona, his “porn persona”, if you will, that cuts across different roles and indeed, helps to determine which roles he’s offered and which ones he’s willing to accept and how he will realize any particular role. A porn persona is built on physical appearance (including not only things like body type and hair color but also, very important in gay porn, dick size), the actor’s inclinations to certain kinds of behavior (in voice, gait, mannerisms, and so on), and the actor’s sexual tastes. KW’s porn persona builds, first, on his physical appearance — he has a twinkish body type (boyish and slender rather than hunky-muscular), a sweet rather than rugged face, hair usually classified as blond … He’s also shorter than most of the men he works with. [His porn persona is as a twink, and submissive, and a bottom.]

… [On sexual tastes:] I’ve been reflecting on KW’s take on cocksucking and bottoming. In both cases, he goes well beyond mere willingness … and beyond enthusiasm, into something deeper and more intense, amounting to a kind of sexual orientation of its own, in which he submits with pleasure to another man by taking that man’s cock into his body … and worships it by having it become, in his sexual imagination, part of his own body. He absorbs that cock, as a symbol of the man it represents and the essence of his masculinity, and becomes one with it. He is deeply oriented towards cock (and consequently towards cum), as (I now say) an ubercocksucker or uberbottom (or both, as in KW’s case).

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