Pornstars do this so you don’t have to

(All about sex between men, discussed mostly in street language, so totally unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest.)

It started with a mailing yesterday from the NakedSword gay porn folks, advertising the 2021 flick Lake Need, with a reproduction of the DVD cover, on which Johnny Rapid, Jesse Bolton, and Cyrus Stack together perform a complex sex act (69spitroasting) that requires considerable athleticism and agility. The three men carry it off as an aesthetically satisfying arrangement of bodies — until you think about whether you could do it yourself, and realize that this is something much better left to the professionals.

That led me back to an earlier period of Johnny Rapid’s porn career, which included a flick in which he engaged in an equally challenging two-man sex act (Flying Cowboy) with Rafael Alencar, an act that’s both beautiful to look at and deeply intimate, tremendously sexy. But it’s really not something to try at home — again, it’s much better left to the pros.

I put the two images together in an AZBlogX posting “Johnny Rapid” today, which led one of my LiveJournal readers to judge that:

The positions assumed in both of those photos look uncomfortable to the point of impossible.

Well, yes, but that’s what we pay Johnny Rapid and his brothers in porn for. They do it — they realize physically challenging sexual fantasies — so we don’t have to.

The raw materials. Here with the dicks and balls fuzzed out, which in the case of #3 (Rapid + Alencar doing Flying Cowboy) produces the eerie effect that Rapid is floating in the air (they are fucking in a narrow shower stall, and they both have their backs against a wall, for support, while Rapid also has his feet braced against the opposite wall — so it’s an athletic achievement, but not magic).

From 2021:

(#1) The cover for the Lake Need DVD (NakedSword, 2021): Rapid on top (smiling for the camera), Jesse Bolton and Cyrus Stack 69ing below (yielding “69spitroasting”, a combination of 69ing and spitroasting, with Bolton as “hinge man” for the two acts.)

With the mature Rapid, fully versatile (and giving and taking it raw), now fucking twinks the way he used to get fucked.

On Bolton:

(#2) From his Twitter page: Jesse Bolton @JesseBoltonxxx: Porn newbie 🌈 … tiny vanilla Twinkie boy

From 2015:

(#3) Rapid fucked (Flying Cowboy style) up against the shower wall by Rafael Alencar in Repeat Offender (MEN, 2015)

The young twink Rapid, who was enthusiastic about getting fucked by everybody.

The 2021 flickLake Need (01:34:57), from NakedSword Originals, Falcon Studios Group (2021): directed by Edward James; starring Blaine Porter, Cyrus Stark, Jack Bailey, Jack Baily, Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton, Johnny Rapid, Nic Sahara.

The p.r. summary:

Johnny Rapid rounds up all his best buds and heads to ‘Lake Need’ for a boy’s trip, but don’t let the serene waters fool you, there’s nonstop bareback action on deck in this sun-drenched adventure. Critically acclaimed director Edward James captains a houseboat on ‘Lake Need’ filled with a cast of horny studs getting off with their best friends. On their first day on the boat, Jack Bailey corners Johnny Rapid on the top deck and gets his ass stretched until Johnny feeds him his seed. While the rest of the boys are out fishing, Blaine Porter takes Jack Bailey back to his room to get to know him and his hole a little better. Cyrus Stark and Jesse Bolton notice Johnny putting in all the work, so they offer up their holes as a thank you. A naked hike between Jax Thirio and Nic Sahara turns into an open-air cocksucking, ass fucking session for all to see. So, come on! Grab your bags and join the boys on ‘Lake Need’ for a hot trip you’ll never forget!

Digression on Lake Mead. Lake Need is about sexual needs, and the title is word play — a half-pun — on Lake Mead, the name of the body of water that is actually somewhat relevant to the flick. A photo of a bit of Lake Mead, to compare with the background in #1:

(#4) (Photo from the DesertUSA site about Lake Mead National Recreation Area)

On Lake Mead, from Wikipedia:

Lake Mead is a man-made lake that lies on the Colorado River, about 24 mi (39 km) from the Las Vegas Strip, southeast of the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, in the states of Nevada and Arizona. It is the largest reservoir in the United States in terms of water capacity. Formed by the Hoover Dam on September 30, 1935, the reservoir serves water to the states of Arizona, California, and Nevada, as well as some of Mexico, providing sustenance to nearly 20 million people and large areas of farmland.

On the younger Johnny Rapid. From 2013:

— from AZBlogX on 4/6/13, in “Manpiles”:

#10: Here’s a gang suck in progress, with Johnny Rapid taking one cock after another (Rapid gang sucks and gets gang banged a lot); the cocks belong to Sebastian Young, Tony Paradise, and the Rosso Twins

— from this blog on 4/7/13, in “The news fromAZBlogX: twinks, Close Up, scruff cum”:

continuing the twink theme, a posting on “Two twinks” who have come into the gay porn world recently: Johnny Rapid and Hunter Page. Not much about language here, beyond Johnny Rapid’s wonderful name, but another exploration into the construction of identities (twink) and the configuration of (sexual) relationships in Gayland.

Specifically about Rapid, from this posting:

From Al’s Gay Porn Stars:

Brunette twink Johnny Rapid made a big splash in 2011 and 2012 thanks to his work [on] the various sites. This adorable pretty boy stands about 5ft 6ins tall, has a 7-inch cut cock and has an insatiable sexual appetite – you’ll usually see him being fucked but he tops too. He enjoys fast cars, wrestling and electronics and describes himself as bisexual.

He’s young, smooth, short, thin, and cute, which would normally make him a bottom; but then there’s that 7-inch cock.

(#5) Display shot of his face, slim body, and porn-size cock

On balance, he seems to take a lot more cock that he gives, but he does fuck sometimes (and of course gets sucked). Here he is demonstrating his fuckagility: [#2 in that posting: another Flying Cowboy shot of Rapid taking Alencar’s cock up his ass in a shower stall; Flying Cowboy requires athleticism from both partners and (in its pure form) requires a relatively smaller bottom and a larger, much stronger top]

Rapid engages in a lot of three-way sex on screen: Johnny Rapid Takes Two. Here he is as the middle man in a suck chain (eyes open; everyone except the cocksucker on the right is posing for the camera): [#3 in that posting]

As the meat in a [vertical] spitroast — one cock in his mouth, one up his ass (eyes closed) [Reverse Cowboy]: [#4 in that posting]

Doing a double suck (with a very odd expression on his face): [#5 in that posting]

And being doubly penetrated, which is hard work for all three guys; Rapid is wincing here: [#6 in that posting]

On athleticism in gay porn. Two postings on AZBlogX.

— from AZBlogX on 9/8/11, in “Athleticism”, with reference to the images there:

[#1, an extraordinarily athletic rimjob:] No, they can’t keep it up for long, and you probably shouldn’t try this at home (unless you both have some gymnastics experience), but the photo conveys a sense of weightlessness, suspension in space — flying together in sex — that transcends the usual limitations of bodies. Cartoons and animations can easily depict such escapes from the constraints of anatomy, but porn sometimes tries to stretch as far as it can in that direction.

[#2, just 69, but challengingly performed in a chair]

[#3, Reverse Cowboy in that same chair, with the fuckhole demonstrating great agility and powerful calf muscles]

[#4, Reverse Cowboy again:] two versions of bottom Philip Aubrey suspended athletically on Rafael Alencar’s cock [my caption, entitled “Training Pays Off”: Gymnastcs turned out / To come in handy.]

[#5, Flying Cowboy with two equally large and muscular men, the top sitting on the edge of a pool table:] an amazing wrap-yourself-on-his-dick fuck shot [my caption, entitled “Just Like Old Times”: The pool-table fuck / Had always been their favorite.] Somehow they make it look effortless. A triumph for the actors and the photographer.

— from AZBlogX on 11/4/11, in “More athleticism”:

Dario Beck in an athletic display of his dick; an athletic three-way, with Dean Flynn giving Dario a standing doggie-fuck, while Dario and Marco Blaze 69 [exactly the 69spitroasting performance Johnny Rapid is giving with Jesse Bolton (as the hinge man) and Cyrus Stack on the cover of the Lake Need DVD]

So this is where we came in.

Appendix: The rest of the Johnny Rapid corpus on my blogs.

— from AZBlogX on 2/13/16, in “Brandon Lewis”: Lewis in a C1R ad; posing for display; fucked by Jeremy Bilding; fucking Johnny Rapid

— from AZBlog on 1/4/17, in “Jizzball”:

On AZBlogX on 1/3/17, in “Johnny Rapid at the jizz ball”:

It started with a device for simulating ejaculation in making porn movies, called a jizz ball (or jizz-ball [or jizzball]) in an episode of (the American) Queer as Fuck (in which the character Emmett becomes an on-line pornstar). That led to jizz ball ‘orgy’, especially a gang scene with one person as focus (a scene I’m familiar with in an all-male context). And specifically to a scene from the 2012 video Jizz Orgy: Winning Ball (from in which Johnny Rapid takes on four members of a soccer team (played by Blaze, Brad Foxx, Leo Forte, and Rafael Alencar). Johnny has a jizz ball!

(with four shots of Johnny Rapid in action).

— from AZBlog on 3/21/18, in “Fifty shades and the Justice League”:

From GayStarNews on 11/21/17, “There’s a Justice League gay porn parody (and Drag Race star Manila Luzon is starring): Sadly, it’s not called Just-ass League”:

Directed by Alter Sin, the film stars Johnny Rapid as The Flash, newcomer Ryan Bones is Batman, Brandon Cody is Superman, François Sagat is Aquaman and Colby Keller is the Green Lantern.

— from AZBlog on 8/11/20, in “Mansex positions: spitroasting”:

Vertical pig. The pig [the man being spitroasted] is sitting up, in fact sitting on his fucker’s cock (Cowboy time!), while sucking the cock of a man standing in front of him. The basic set-up allows for some freedom in how the three bodies fit together. Three examples from gay porn:

…  (10) Pornstar Johnny Rapid impaled at both ends (with more cocks in reserve), but still, characteristically, focused on us, his audience

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    More near-relevance about Lake Mead: As I recall from a certain gathering in 1994, there’s at least one “beach” on Lake Mead that was, and may still be, (at least treated as) clothing-optional.

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    […] follow-up to my 3/13 posting “Pornstars do this so you don’t have to”, in which pornstar Johnny Rapid engages […]

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