(Obviously, sexual content, so not to everyone’s taste.)

On AZBlogX yesterday, in “Johnny Rapid at the jizz ball”:

It started with a device for simulating ejaculation in making porn movies, called a jizz ball (or jizz-ball [or jizzball]) in an episode of (the American) Queer as Fuck (in which the character Emmett becomes an on-line pornstar). That led to jizz ball ‘orgy’, especially a gang scene with one person as focus (a scene I’m familiar with in an all-male context). And specifically to a scene from the 2012 video Jizz Orgy: Winning Ball (from Men.com) in which Johnny Rapid takes on four members of a soccer team (played by Blaze, Brad Foxx, Leo Forte, and Rafael Alencar). Johnny has a jizz ball!

(with four shots of Johnny Rapid in action).

I’ll move on to simulated ejaculation in a moment, but first brief lexical remarks about the two (unrelated) verbs ball in all of this. Summary from NOAD2:

ball-1: a solid or hollow sphere or ovoid, especially one that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game; a ball-shaped object

(balls) vulgar slang  testicles

verb N. Amer. vulgar slang  have sexual intercourse with.

ball-2 a formal social gathering for dancing

have a ball  informal  enjoy oneself greatly; have a lot of fun

The ball of the ejaculatory device starts out in what is sometimes called an enema ball, rectal syringe, or anal douche — a hollow spheroid filled with a liquid (plain warm water is recommended), with a tubular extension that can be inserted through the anus and into the rectum; squeezing the ball then shoots the liquid into the rectum for cleansing purposes. This device comes in several sizes with several kinds of tips. Here’s a traditional model:


In the simplest simulated ejaculatory device, the bulb is filled with a commercial semen substitute, and ejaculation is just a matter of squeezing the ball so that the faux-semen squirts out. (I did a 9/13/12 posting on Come-On brand artificial cum, but that’s designed to provide smell and taste, rather than appearance.) Material on the — actual name! — Magic Money $hot brand:



You will probably not be surprised to hear that one large site on baby names reports that Jizzball is unattested as a baby names. Well, you never can tell.

jizz + X. GDoS doesn’t have an entry for jizzball, but it has a collection of other compounds in which jizz is an alternative to cum or to insulting scum ‘cum’. Examples (all of them first attested relatively recently, 1991 and later):

jizzbag = cumbag ‘contraceptive sheath’

jizzbag = insulting scumbag

jizzbags = cumbags ‘testicles’

jizzrag = cumrag ‘a handkerchief or similar piece of material into which one masturbates’

jizz rocket = cum rocket ‘the penis’

jizz water = cum water ‘semen’

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