Cake and Edith

Yesterday’s Bizarro, with a pun that surely has been made before (but it’s still entertaining):


(If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 2 in this strip — see this Page.)

eat it / Edith: for many American speakers, this is just  t / θ, so very close indeed phonetically.

Two other sightings of the pun in cartoons:


By Sa Boothroyd. From her website:

Sa Boothroyd: artist and occasional troublemaker … Sa Boothroyd operates from her little studio on the Government Wharf in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast [of Queensland AU]


From Jason Love’s webpage:

One of today’s hardest-working comics, Jason Love has appeared on HBO, Comedy Central, America’s Got Talent, and over 20 national broadcasts … Jason also syndicates a cartoon, Snapshots, to millions in print and online.


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