The Super Bowl looms

(There’s linguistic content here, but also considerable discussion of men’s bodies and man-man sexual acts, so this is not for kids or the sexually modest. For the rest of you, the man-man stuff includes some pretty extreme practices — not illustrated, but nevertheless described, and some will find this material distressing, though there’s not a whole lot of it. Just a warning.)

On Super Bowl 50, a gay gangbang, language play in porn, and the careening career of gay pornstar Dayton O’Connor, all of this inspired by an ad today under the header “C1R Locker Room Super Bowl Pass”, with two stills from the Channel 1 Releasing gay porn flick Gridiron Gang Bang: a locker room scene and a rear shot of Dylan O’Connor in football gear. The logo for the game:


And DO on display:


Background 1. The Super Bowl is an American football game that determines the championship of the NFL (National Football League). Tomorrow’s game, pitting the Carolina Panthers against the Denver Broncos, will be played in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara CA (though the celebratory and touristic events take place in San Francisco). My grand-daughter Opal is with her father in Santa Clara this week, so they’ve decided to escape the Super Bowl by going skiing. Some other local friends are doing the same.

My interest in American football has declined to near zero, so I won’t be watching the game on television. I have, in fact, a spotless record of not watching Super Bowls, even for the halftime shows and the ads (well, the most entertaining and the most controversial of this material will be available on YouTube). For me, Super Bowl Sunday is just another Sunday.

Background 2. The flick, advertised as Gridiron Gang Bang or Gridiron GangBang or Gridiron Gangbang (with the subtitle Penetration in the Backfield), was the subject of an AZBlogX posting “In the locker room, half-hard” of 10/21/15, featuring a locker room scene showing two men with half-hard cocks. Men’s locker rooms are, of course, prime territory for homoerootic photography and gay porn.)

Background 3. I’ve treated gangbangs several times on this blog, mostly focusing on gay gangbangs (which I suppose we could call gaybangs for short), as in the C1R football flick. My 11/27/14 posting “Ask AMZ: two queries” has a section on gangbang(er)s in general; my most recent posting on the subject, “The black gangbang fantasy” (from 12/10/15), is about black bangers doing white targets.

The C1R ad popped up in my mailbox as I was preparing a posting on a compilation of gaybang scenes from JetSet flicks, Gang Bang: The Collector’s Edition. Gaybangs are all over the place in gay porn — as scenes in episodic porn (sometimes the featured scene, as in the C1R football flick) and then in innumerable compilations of these scenes, for the appreciation of pig bottoms and those who fantasize about being pig bottoms.

That posting is about gaybangs, both in porn and in real life, and how they unfold. Coming soon to this theater.

Language play. The world of commercial porn, of all sorts, tends to be ostentatiously playful. In titles and in ad copy. In the case of the C1R, the studio had all the vocabulary of football to play with, and they’ve embraced the opportunities.

The title, Gridiron Gang Bang, merely has alliteration (and the rhyme built into gangbang, of course).

[Digression on gridiron. From NOAD2, with a primary sense and the metaphorical sense in football:

a frame of parallel bars or beams, typically in two sets arranged at right angles, in particular: a frame of parallel metal bars used for grilling meat or fish over an open fire; a frame of parallel beams for supporting a ship in dock; (in the theater) a framework over a stage supporting scenery and lighting

a field for football, marked with regularly spaced parallel lines

It’s ultimately related to griddle, in association with iron (the metal).]

The subtitle, Penetrating the Backfield, achieves a double entendre in two of its three words.

First, the verb penetrate, with a primary sense that is used in football as well as in other contexts and a sexual sense that’s a specialization of the primary sense. From NOAD2:

succeed in forcing a way into or through (a thing); (of a man) insert the penis into the vagina or anus of (a sexual partner)

And then the noun backfield:

Football   the area of play behind either the offensive or defensive line; the players positioned in the backfield

That is, backfield corresponds to anatomical backside, a euphemism for ass or butt ‘buttocks; rectum, anus’, so in a gay male context we have an anal reference: penetrating the backfield is fucking. Meanwhile, penetrating the backfield is also ordinary football-talk.

Then there’s the header in the ad, “C1R Locker Room Super Bowl Pass”, which manages a triple entendre, with two innocent senses of the noun pass that are both relevant in the football context and one sexual sense.

First, the football verb pass. From NOAD2:

(in football, soccer, hockey, and other games) throw, kick, or hit (the ball or puck) to another player on one’s own team.

From this, a noun pass ‘(in football etc.) an act of passing the ball or puck’.

Then another non-sexual noun pass:

a card, ticket, or permit giving authorization for the holder to enter or have access to a place, form of transportation, or event

This is relevant to the C1R ad because the ad promises to give you, the potential buyer of the porn flick, a pass that will, whoopee!,  get you into a football team’s locker room and everything that happens there.

Finally, the sexual noun pass:

informal  an amorous or sexual advance made to someone

(most often in the collocation make a pass at). So your locker room pass will get you in to see naked sweaty football players (who make passes, that is, pass the ball to one another, on the football field) making passes at (that is, making sexual advances to) one other. Of course, this is gay male fantasy, so all the passes are successful: all the guys making passes in the locker room get to penetrate the receivers of those passes.

Dayton O’Connor. The story begins in 2006, when DO was roughly 21 and his porn career started with the Sean Cody studio. He was then a really cute twink, exclusively a top (still his preferred role in fucking):


In 2008 comes Gridiron Gang Bang, probably the best work of his career. Rear shot in #2, front shot (in football pants) here:


I know, I know, he doesn’t have a football player’s body, but viewers were surely willing to suspend their disbelief in order to appreciate the man’s sexual appetites.

Eventually, DO bottoms on occasion and flip-fucks too. Most of the pros do.

In a 2011 interview, DO (said to be 26) advocates safe sex. He says that he’s in a committed relationship and sometimes barebacks his partner, but that’s only in a safe context, and he implies that he and his partners in porn always use condoms.

He then acts in fewer and fewer films and is rumored to have retired from the business

But he reappears in 2013 and does his first bareback scene; also does a MenOnEdge scene for that year, a scene in which he’s bound and edged. In a still cropped for modesty:


At this point he was rougher looking, often with beard and mustache; and sexually wilder; also reported to be poz (HIV-positive); and sometimes looked druggy.

Then came Viral Loads for Paul Morris’s Treasure Island Media (bareback specialists) in 2014, a film starring openly poz Blue Bailey, who’s the target of a 20-man gaybang. Things are getting seriously icky. From the studio’s description:

To finish up his man worship initiation, we bring out a brimful jar full of more than 200 poz loads. Blue’s good buddies Dayton O’Connor and Drew Sebastian carefully squirt every fucking drop up Blue’s knocked-up ass.

In 2015, at least three films of note:

DO was the star in and director of Pure Bred (with puppy play and also bareback fucking) for Raw Fuck Club (Dark Alley Media). (The adjective raw and the verb breed are both codes for bareback sex.)

And he performed in Gang Fucked 4 for Raw Fuck Club.

And he appeared in Breeding Season 3 for Treasure Island Media, with very crude and rough dom-sub (configured as stud-fag) scenes. In one, DO is reported to cut his partner with a knife, then fuck him bareback using blood as a lube.

I’m assuming (well, hoping) the blood is simulated, but still …

This is a long way from the cute twink in #3. I hate to think what comes next.

No doubt the calculatedly outrageous Paul Morris (who worked as an actor in gay porn before becoming the entrepreneur of Treasure Island Media) views this sort of stuff as a probing exploration of our animal natures. In any case, he says that he makes these films for men who find them arousing, and if they don’t suit you, you shouldn’t watch them.

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