Another ubertwink

(Discussion of men’s bodies and mansex in very plain terms, photos of naked, though not quite X-rated, men, so not at all for kids or the sexually modest.)

Liam Riley, actually an ubertwink we’ve seen before, but now — to celebrate the completion of a “Twinks” Page on this blog (with links to postings on twink as a body type, a persona, and a sexual identity) — viewed in conjunction with his CockyBoys stable-mate Levi Karter.

Levi and Liam, Levis and lace, (more) butch and (more) femme, twink and near-twink (more muscles, swimmer body type). Both playful, affectionate, and (professionally) adorable. And competitors in the Ace Ass department.

For comparison: Levi left and Liam right:


(Note that although Liam is the more femme of the pair, he has the unquestionably male butt — a tight  bubble butt of the sort rarely seen on women — while Levi has a longer, fuller butt (and somewhat wider hips), which though identifiably male (hey, it’s mine!) comes closer to the female norm.)

Front views, so you can more easily compare their body types:

(#2) Liam, effete twink, inclined towards lace (note shaved armpits)

(#3) Levi, muscle twink (or swimmer-type near-twink), inclined towards Levis (and with unshaved armpits, displayed in #4)

(#4) Levi in video action with Arad WinWin

Background on CockyBoys from Wikipedia:

CockyBoys is a New York City-based producer of gay internet pornography. Managed by CEO Jake Jaxson and his two partners, RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock, the site has drawn attention from both inside and outside the adult industry for blending arthouse erotica and experimental film with mainstream-style genre films.

… Though CockyBoys primarily releases content through its website, the studio also manufactures a popular DVD line through EuroMedia Distribution. In addition to digital media, CockyBoys partnered with [book publisher] Bruno Gmünder in 2014. [See my 2/14/16 posting “Two books of male photography”.]

On Liam, from my 2/12/16 XBlog posting “Liam Riley, power bottom twink”:

He’s very much a twink: cute, very young-looking, completely smooth body, slender and slight of build (5’7″, 120 lbs., 28-inch waist), with a feminine rather than rugged face.

On Levi, from the p.r. copy on the CockyBoys site:

Levi is from Paraguay but moved to small-town Ohio when he was very young. He still has a lot of pride for his home country, though, which you can tell by the big tattoo on his back. Levi’s known he’s wanted to be an adult model for a long time, and started out as a gogo boy shortly after he turned eighteen. He’s also very athletic thanks to working out at the gym all throughout high school — he even did some back flips for us when we met him. Sexually, Levi’s versatile and had his first boyfriend when he was a freshman in high school.

And on the two CockyBoys together, in an XBlog posting yesteday, “Levi and Liam”, with five images:

Both young, smooth-bodied, and sexually enthusiastic (cocky in several senses), but nicely contrasting. Liam — who’s been featured before on this blog — is definitely a twink, almost invariably a bottom, and flirts with effeminacy, while Levi has a more muscular, swimmer-type body, bills himself as versatile (he’s been fucked by almost everybody in the business, but then he’s fucked a lot too), and presents as entirely masculine, but frankly gay and sweetly amiable. They’re both playful and affectionate, and make a cute couple.

The photos:

#1 The video “Meeting Liam”, with a shot of Liam kissed and fucked (Reverse Cowboy) by Levi

#2 Levi displaying his body (cropped above)

#3 Liam displaying his body (cropped from an earlier XBlog posting)

#4 Levi, smiling happily, fucked (Reverse Cowboy) by Arad WinWin (cropped above)

#5 Liam, ecstatic, fucked (Reverse Cowboy) by Dillon Rossi

In addition to exploring twinkishness, the XBlog posting focuses on facial expressions in mansex (in particular, the Ecstatic face of pleasure and the smiling Good Buddy face) and on sex positions (Reverse Cowboy requiring a certain amount of agility, strength, and balance).

Bonus, from the Paper website on 2/13/15, “Get In Bed with Cockyboys Porn Stars Levi Karter and Liam Riley” by Mickey Boardman:


Liam Riley and Levi Karter, two of gay adult film company Cockyboys most adorable stars, spend a lot of their work hours in bed. And now they’re about to show us just how versatile they are in the sack with their new talk show. In Bed With Levi and Liam premieres on Valentine’s Day and the boys guest will be porn star James Deen (no relation to Paula). Who knows what can happen when these two raunchy rascals get rolling.

Oh yes, Levis and lace. An allusion to the many square dance clubs of this name in the US. Levis for the gentlemen, lace for the ladies.


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