Twisting in the wind

… in today’s Zippy:


The PWT (pneumatic wiggly thing) is a sky dancer, an inflatable tube man that waves and twists in the wind, beckoning passers-by (on foot or, especially, in cars) to come on in and buy.

Two things: PWTs / sky dancers; and the mantra-like repetition of pneumatic wiggly thing (iambic trimeter).

Sky dancers. Many sold under the brand name Air Dancers. From the website of the promotional advertising firm Look Our Way:


Air Dancers®, a brand of inflatable tube men from LookOurWay®. Choose from the thousands of in-stock Air Dancers® products or work with one of our custom Air Dancer® designers to create the perfect custom advertising inflatable to fit your needs.  View our selection of in-stock lettered, flag themed, in-stock character shaped, or made-to-order custom inflatable tube men. Choose from your choice of 6ft, 10ft, or 20ft tall Air Dancers®; LookOurWay is the premier supplier of inflatable advertising products.  Air Dancers® is a US registered trademark (2540277) and is strictly enforced. With thousands of inflatable advertising Air Dancers® in stock and ready to ship, LookOurWay has exactly what your business needs to get noticed, today!

And a brief video of a (red) Air Dancer at work at a Honda dealership (at an unidentified location)


which you can watch here:


Probably there’s a blue one somewhere in Sheboygan WI.

Mantra-like repetition. A Zippy theme, variously called found mantras, onomatomania, phrase repetition disorder, repetitive phrase disorder. Some postings on this blog with Zippy examples:

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  1. Drew Smith Says:

    What, no comment about the title? Isn’t “Sell the wiggle” likely to be a pun on “Sell the sizzle (not the steak)”?

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