The autumnal Humpty Dumpty

Currently viral on the net, this punning Humpty Dumpty cartoon:


The noun fall ‘act of falling or collapsing’ vs. (North American) ‘autumn’, with a corresponding accompanying ambiguity in the adjective great: ‘very large’ vs. ‘of considerably high quality’.

(Hat tip to Mike Pope.)

No doubt the pun has been made before, but here it’s paired with a drawing, and a large part of the attraction of the cartoon is its charming graphic style — clean lines, intense colors, schematic but attentive to detail.

The artist uses the name @WholesomeNsuch on Twitter; on the tweet with this cartoon, a photo and a comment:

(#2) “I had no idea that my comic would go viral but here we are 👌I do commissioned artwork as well hmu”

Humpty Dumpty on this blog (with discussions of the nursery rhyme and the character’s appearance in Alice):

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