And for your Xmas viewing pleasure…

(About, among other things, men’s bodies and mansex, in very plain terms, so not at all suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

And for your Xmas viewing pleasure, Red Santa and Green Elf going at it like reindeer in rut in an ad for the Lucas Studios Xmas video “Bareback Christmas” (to be released on Christmas day).

(#1) The amiable, affectionate photo Lucas should have used for their ad

A posting today on AZBlogX has the Lucas — bad pun alert — “Merry Jizzmas” ad (#1) and three shots from the video: Elf savoring Santa’s huge cock (#2), (both naked) Santa embedded in Elf’s ass, from the rear (#3), and (both in costume) Santa fucking Elf face-to-face.

The shot Lucas chose for the ad is exceptionally graceless, with odd expressions on the participants’ faces: Santa looks worried and disapproving, while Elf looks spaced-out on drugs. Otherwise, the picture is about the men’s tacky costumes and Santa’s really really thick dick.

#2 there is formulaic but more satisying as a composition. #3 is a study in abstract gluteal muscularity, identifiable as seasonal only by the Christmas tree in the background. #4 has two intense facial expressions — men at work —  but that’s typical of the genre.

The pornstars (doing the obvious Daddy-Boy act for the season) are nicely paired as muscle-hunk and twink, though both of them present themselves as genial in their publicity shots:

(#2) Swedish pornstar Tomas Brand

(#3) Russian pornstar Klim Grimov

Two approaches to cock-teasing.

For a finale, the Lucas ad copy for the video:

If Santa Claus looked like the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand, and all of his elves looked like the strikingly handsome muscle twink, Klim Gromov, then I think every gay man on earth would continue to believe in them both! Santa Tomas’ special helper is Elf Klim, and he knows what Santa wants. Tomas loves his guys young and ready to take his raw dick, and Klim isn’t someone to deny Tomas his needs. When Santa Tomas is ready, Klim bends over to show off his perfect little hole; it’s so tight Tomas has to squeeze inside it like a chimney, and it takes a little while judging by Klim’s face. But once he’s in Tomas doesn’t stop fucking until he shoots his load!

I note that Grimov’s screen persona is as a passionate bottom, and that he flashes a broad smile a lot. Attractive even in a tacky elf costume.


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