More sexual back-formations

Having stumbled into a discussion of the synthetic compounds shirt-lifting and shirt-lifter (in several senses) and the back-formed verb to shirt-lift historically derived from them, I was moved to explore some other possible sexual back-formations. Given cock-sucking and cock-sucker, had people invented a back-formed verb to cock-suck (however spelled)?

The answer is: yes, big time.

A very small sampling of Google webhits, some with female fellators, some with male:

These girls will learn how to cock suck, pussy pump, ass fuck and much more with the help of Mr. Ferrara and friends, enjoy! (link) [note pussy pump and ass fuck as well]

I have no idea where she learned how to cock suck, but I wish all women went there. (link)

Interests: like to cock suck and have 3some
Role: Either/Or/Versatile
Sexuality: Gay (link)

Twink gets to cock suck two hot guys (link)

(There are also hits with cock ‘vagina’.)

The total number of hits is huge; this is a morphological formation people really want. The semantics is subtle, involving (for example) a distinction between

(1) I like to cock suck.


(2) I like to suck cock.


(3a) I like to suck cocks.
(3b) I like to suck his cock.

(1) has a morphological unit (a compound V) cock suck (which can be intransitive or transitive — the latter in “to cock suck two hot guys” above), while (2) and (3) have syntactic units (VPs) — with a mass use of cock in (2), ordinary count uses in (3).

Stop for a moment to appreciate the resources the language makes available here. Even if you don’t use all the patterns yourself, you should be able to appreciate that it could be a good thing to have three patterns available: one with a more unitary view of situations (in (1)), one with a generic flavor (in (2)), and one with a more specific flavor (in (3)).

Usage notes:

1. Suck cock with mass-N cock has cock understood as penis-as-type rather than penis-as-thing. Compare

I’m looking for / want / need / crave / … cock.

This is a “massification” of cock (seen in plenty of other contexts, with other words), and it’s indifferent as to the real-world number of referents).

2. My files have other back-formed verbs in the sexual sphere, for instance to ass-eat ‘rim’, to ass-lick, and to pussy-pump, plus some incorporating the verb fuck, like to ass-fuck, to motherfuck, and to mouth-fuck, all considered in scholarly detail in Jesse Sheidlower’s The F Word (noted here). Sheidlower (2009:4) has to ass-fuck with two families of senses: ‘to engage in anal copulation [with]’ (with cites from 1940 on) and the figurative ‘to victimize cruelly’ (with cites from 1980 on). I trust that some assiduous scholar could back-date back-formed to cock-suck to several decades ago as well.

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  1. Jesse Sheidlower Says:

    Best I can do, but I do think it’s pretty good–beats Green and New Partridge by over two decades, at least:

    1954 A. Ginsberg _Letter_ 29 Dec. in B. Morgan _Letters of A. Ginsberg_ (2008) 114, I can’t kneel and cocksuck forever like of old.

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