Jo Flamingo

(Men, in skimpy underwear, projecting steamy homo-desire; compact captions of puzzling free poetry; reflections on playful fetishwear. No X, but not to everyone’s taste.)

From Daily Jocks yesterday, continuing a mini-series with models who aren’t your standard high-butch Euro muscle-hunks, this time featuring a young man I’m calling Jo Flamingo.


Muscle Twinko his
Marco Harness

The ad copy (untouched by any editing from me):

Get on board with The NEW Nautical Collection! This exciting new print features Flamingos on top of blue and white stripes.
The collection features a Swim Brief, Harness & two Briefs (including one with a cheeky low cut rear!) you’ll be the hit of every party in any of these.


jo flamingo and the
flaming flemings

jo joe flamengo
in go pinko tinkle
bell ballston blackie
bitch slappin tickle is
butt tingle is nuts

(On flamenco, flamingo, and Fleming, see my 2/11/14 posting “flamenco”.)

The languidly seductive guy on the right has a supertight butch haircut and facial hair — but all in pink, like his lips. These guys are definitely not your grandfather’s underwear models.

The homowear. Sexy playful pinkness. Swim brief, harness, brief, and “half moon brief” — the last (combined with a shoulder strap harness on the middle guy in #2) unremarkable from the front, but notable from the rear (below, on a standard swimmer-body Euro-guy model):

(#3) Party time at Cleft House!

Then there ‘s the Nautical harness, a “poly span” (polyester spandex) fabric garment similar in form to a bulldog harness, also sharing one of its functions, displaying the wearer’s pecs and especially his tits. Otherwise it’s essentially decorative — not that there’s anything wrong with that — not much use for restraint or for hitching up with other fetishwear.

A classic leather bulldog, with standard gear (framing majorly hard tits, plus a sweet ingratiating smile):


And then an intermediate bulldog in neoprene — tight and constraining, but without any rings or other connectors:


(#4 and #5 crotch-cropped so you can focus on the men’s upper bodies.)

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