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(Adult content, but no X-rated images.)

A sale from porn purveyor GameLink offering their “most viewed [gay] movies” (for on-line viewing):

Bareback Boyfriends (Raw Reality)
Hairy Bare Loads (Hairy and Raw)
Drink the Jizz, Teen-Whore! (Bareback Boys)
Nacho Vidal’s Ass Destroyers
Hairy and Raw #2 (Hairy and Raw)
Twinks Swallow Anthology (Eboys)

No subtlety here; these are crudely named flicks, outside of the tradition of playfully titled porn films. And four of them have bare, bareback, or raw in their titles or in the name of their makers. Bare is short for bareback, and raw here means ‘bareback’. It turns out that the Nacho Vidal item is nothing but barebacking as well, so only Twinks Swallow offers something other than raw sex.

[On barebacking, see this recent posting of mine on Sean Cody’s Bareback Fuckfest (and let me note here that this title is a nice double trochee). And for some gay porn flicks that are more inventively named, see this AZBlogX posting on Memorial Day sales from porn firms (Falcon Studios and, again GameLink, with military-themed films).]

[Addendum 7/19/13: in porn material, bareback is frequently abbreviated as BB. Nothing to do with pellet guns, bulletin boards, BlackBerries, Bernard Baruch, Brigitte Bardot, etc.]

In case you missed the company name Bareback Boys above for Drink the Jizz, Teen-Whore! (a title that should win some sort of Tasteless Prize), the back cover says it offers “Dirty little barebacking jizz-drinking teen-whores!”. And for the Nacho Vidal, the (overheated) GameLink description works raw ‘bareback’ into the text:

Nacho Vidal moves into direct, male-on-male gay sex, in a similar vein to his popular 2005 feature Face Fuckers. Hot, hung Brazilian dudes live out horny, edgy anal encounters from which there is no escape. Muscular Latino men dominate each other, bending their slave boys over and probing tight asses with dildos, shaving their buttcheeks, and indulging in breath play and choking, before getting down to raw assfucking. Nacho’s scenes evoke thrilling fantasies of rough trade, sexual dread and hard-edged danger on the gay mean streets.

This use of raw seems to be recent. Green’s Dictionary of Slang lists this sense (the tenth of twelve) as:

(US) used of sexual intercourse without a condom

with two cites, a 1994 quote from Gary Indiana’s novel Rent Boy (“The only real intelligent part of Chip is his penis, getting it up there raw is unbelievable…”) and a 1997 one from POZ magazine (“I’ve only gone raw with a positive guy that one time…”).

It hasn’t yet reached the OED or NOAD, but it’s in AHD5, where a significant ambiguity in sexual raw is noted: in addition to the condomless sense, the dictionary also gives ‘done in a rough or unrestrained manner’ (referring to sex).

For raw sex, Wikipedia gives two links:

a British comedy musical group consisting of Rowland Rivron and Simon Brint

bareback sex, sexual activity without the use of condoms

but you can also find plenty of references to uninhibited, animalistic, somewhat rough sex, especially in material with a significant female audience, like the article “Why Raw Sex Gives You a Stronger Orgasm” in Cosmopolitan Philippines.

Sometimes it’s not clear which of the senses of raw sex is intended. So we get the Boston band Raw Sex — with an album entitled Seven Hard Inches and this phallic logo:


And a 2010 album from Jimmy Edgar entitled Hot, Raw, Sex:


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