Sex positions for gay men

(No X-rated images — they are in an AZBlogX posting — but man-man sex discussed, though analytically, in very plain language, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Announcing the creation of a new Page on this blog, “Sex positions” under “Xwriting/XBlog essays”, which was inspired by something that came up while I was assembling a new AZBlogX posting “Liam Riley, power bottom twink”, with two images of Riley as bottom in what I’ve called sit-fucks (the bottom sits on the top’s hard dick): an in-facing (the bottom is facing towards his top) sit-fuck with top Dustin Gold and an out-facing one (the bottom is facing away from his top) with top Dillon Rossi. I then discovered, in comments on these performances that this was a named sex position, with a cute name: Cowboy for the in-facing variety, Reverse Cowboy for the out-facing. As a cowboy rides a bronco (or a bull), so the bottom rides his top’s cock.

I’ll go on to amplify some earlier postings on positions in gay sex, by providing a general terminological framework for gay butt-fucking, based primarily on position of the bottom’s body in these encounters.

(In a later posting I’ll take up the question of Riley’s presentation of self in his video performances — a complex fabric of feminine and masculine elements.)

An additional Cowboy variant, which requires athleticism from both partners and (in its pure form) requires a relatively smaller bottom and a larger, much stronger top: what I’ve called the mid-air fuck. The top, standing, picks up the bottom, who is facing him, and supports him in mid-air while he sits on the top’s hard cock. There are variants. Three examples: from 12/7/12, last photo; from 7/6/15, #13; and from 2/9/16, #5. I suppose this should be called the Flying Cowboy.

Now, positions for fucking, from the bottom’s point of view (I’ve given each a Latin-based name):

(1) bottom lying on his side (a lateral fuck), commonly called a spoon-fuck or Spooning

(2) bottom lying on his back (a supine fuck), commonly called Missionary

(3) bottom lying on his belly (a prone fuck), commonly called Rear Entry

(4) bottom kneeling (a genicular fuck), commonly called doggie/doggy-fucking

(5) bottom standing and bending over at the waist, offering his ass for another form of Rear Entry (a flectional fuck)

(6) bottom lying on his shoulders, ass up in the air (a scapular fuck), sometimes called just mounting, though that name is too general

(7) bottom sitting on the top’s dick (a sessile fuck): a sit-fuck or Sit On It; Cowboy and its variants

Most of these have variants, especially variants having to do with the position of the top’s body.

[Added 2/13/16: One more position for the bottom:

(8) bottom standing upright (an erect fuck): yet another form of Rear Entry, in which the bottom doesn’t bend over but stays standing

In both Rear Entry positions where the top is standing — (5) and (8) — one or both of the partners will usually have to stabilize the couple (the bottom using some support, for instance a vertical surface or a tree or whatever — getting fucked against a tree in the woods is an evergreen scene in gay porn); the top clasping the bottom’s hips or embracing him).]

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Ok, I can’t resist the temptation to note that the director of the Riley & Rossi video should be named Sessile B. DeMille.

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