Racy photos on my X blog

In addition to the car-threatening dinosaur photo (here) from Chris Ambidge, a bunch of other photos from him went into postings, but on my X blog rather than here (since they’re not about language, and many aren’t WordPressable):

5/1/11: The moose-knuckle jock watch (link). One more photo of athletes in tight clothing sporting significant moose knuckles. Plus re-runs of two others in the series.

5/1/11: Male intimacy (link). Two bare bears sharing a companionable breakfast; two naked men in a very small tub (rub-a-dub-dub); a couple sleepily wrapped up with each other in bed. Plus, from other sources: another sleeping couple in bed; two photos of men kissing.

5/1/11: Bookish naked men (link). Three photos of naked men in the world of books: a young man reading Nietzsche in front of a wall of books; a man anxiously perched on a ledge in front of another such wall; a man at the entrance to the L.A. Public Library. (Chris sends me lots of photos of naked men and books, in what he calls the Kirjasto series; Kirjasto — Finnish <i>kirjasto</i> ‘library, lit. book place’ — is the name of the condo that serves as my library and study.)

5/1/11: Odds and ends (link). A butt-naked man rowing a canoe. A full-frontal Daniel Craig in a bathtub. (I guess that makes a water theme here.) Plus, for comparison to Craig, a set of photos of Chris Meloni from the tv series Oz.

Not from Chris at all:

4/26/11: XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits (link). Report on the photography book of that name, with the photos of gay-porn star Lukas Ridgeston (clothed and then naked) from the book

4/28/11: Lukas and Johan (and Chance) (link). A follow-up to that posting, on the world of Bel Ami studios, with Lukas paired with Johan Paulik, and Johan paired with a young man named Chance.

5/1/11: Power bottoms: the illustrations (link). A photo album to go along with a forthcoming posting on this blog on the compound noun power bottom. Power-bottom twinks Jeremy Jordan and Trent Atkins, shown offering themselves and also in action with tops.

5/1/11: Slutty wet twink (link). An ad for an episode in a Michael Lucas porn flick, in which slutty twink Jake Lyons gets wet in watersports (of the bathroom, not the athletic, variety).

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