The greater West Coast area

Recently got a note on the local shapenote singing list about shapenote events in the “greater West Coast area”, which turned out to include at least AZ (where there was an event) as well as WA, OR, and CA — which are actually on the West Coast, though AZ (which abuts CA) isn’t much further away from the coast than much of central California.

In fact, if AZ, why not NV as well; they’re about equally far away (but I suspect there’s very little if any shapenote singing there). And indeed, the southwest corner of UT is only a little bit further away from CA.

And in fact, there’s at least one site that includes AZ, NV, and UT in the greater West Coast region/area.

If these three, then why not ID? See map:

But on to BP Productions (which apparently has nothing to do with British Petroleum, though I don’t know where the company’s name comes from). From the company’s website:

BP Productions is your #1 full service event production and equipment rental company in the Greater Sacramento Metro Region. … We provide event services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are based in Sacramento, CA and service the greater West Coast region of CA, AZ, NV, UT, OR, & WA.


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