A cartoon that came to me from Nancy Friedman on Facebook, who got it from Helen Lo there, who gives no source; these things get passed around from hand to hand, the graphic counterparts to jokes that people tell to one another, and almost no one knows (or, in fact, cares) about their origins — and why should they?


This one is clearly pretty recent, because of the final Donald Trump (or as people are now saying, Drumpf) figure. Otherwise, the body of the cartoon, without that extra figure, has been around for a while; it can be found on many dozens of websites (always without attribution, of course), and it has spawned a number of variants.

To come: Trump in cartoons. Evolution cartoons. Variants of #1, some on t-shirts. Plus a Bizarro bonus.

Trump in cartoons. Pretty much any cartoonist with political interests has drawn strips with DT in them, usually to pillory his positions and his aggressive, bullying manner. (Of the cartoons I follow on a daily basis, Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury of course frequently turns to DT themes.) I haven’t posted any of these, since they have little or no language-related content. But even in the non-political cartoons I follow regularly, DT puts in occasional appearances: in Rhymes With Orange and Mother Goose and Grimm , for example (though I haven’t posted these), but especially in Bizarro and Zippy the Pinhead: both Dan Piraro and Bill Griffith consider DT to be intrinsically a figure of fun (in Piraro’s case, primarily because of That Hair). Of the at least seven Bizarro cartoons with DT in them, I’ve posted on only two —

on 4/13/13, in “Manliness and money”: #2 with DT

on 7/30/15, in “Name play in the comics”: #2 on the Big Bangs Theory as it pertains to DT

but I’ll show the other five in an appendix to this posting.

Meanwhile, I’ve posted Zippys with DT in them at least six times, usually because there was something else in the strip I was interested in; the exception is asterisked in the list below:

on 2/14/15, “Two Zippys”: #2 has DT

on 3/17/14, “A sweep of five”: #2 is a Zippy with DT

on 5/26/14, “Two more on Memorial Day?”: #1 is a Zippy with DT

*on 8/17/15, “Donood Twump”: 3 Zippys, with DT in #1

on 11/18/15, “Somewhere, looking like Bozo”: a Zippy with DT

on 1/28/16, “Three Thursday cartoons”: #3 is a Zippy with DT

Evolution cartoons. I’ve posted a fair number of times on this cartoon meme, but two postings are especially relevant:

on 12/15/15, “The evolution of nostalgia”: with mention of the (great many) evolution cartoons on Juli G. Pausas’s site

on 1/21/16, “The Ascent of Bruce”: another example, plus a report that the Pausas site was up to 86 items

Variants. #1 has the basic Go Back cartoon (found all over the place), with DT added as a fifth figure, standing behind the warning warrior. There are several entertaining variants of the Go Back cartoon.

A more complex version, with a different last figure:


Another variant I found on an, which offers Shirtmandude T-shirts — with filled-in outline figures rather than detailed drawings, with four evolving creatures rather than three (in #1 and on the t-shirt, the third of these is a stone-age human; on the t-shirt the fourth figure appears to be a spear-bearing more modern human), and with the warner’s hand out to convey ‘stop!’. A nice example in red:


(The shirt is also availably from Sictees and Vintage Pig.)

Another t-shirt variant, from TFL, with a Homer Simpson cartoon:


Bonus appendix. Five more DT Bizarros, arranged chronologically.

From 7/3/11:


From 10/22/15:


From 11/9/15:


From 1/18/16:


From 2/29/16 (yesterday):


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