News on the sexuality front: the Jocktion Marketplace

From Mike McKinley this morning, news of the Jocktion Maketplace (website here). The name Jocktion is a portmanteau of jock ‘athlete’ and auction; the company’s enthusiastic pitch:

Welcome to Jocktion! We’re an online marketplace where the hottest guys sell the highest quality [used sports] gear. Register today to view our sales, check out our models, and participate in our Forums. Interested in selling your own gear? Apply today to earn top dollar on your merchandise. We’re constantly making improvements to our site and new items are being added, so be sure to check back often!

(Sellers pay a fee to list their wares; buyers get in free.)

The company is exploiting what you might call “contact magic”, the idea that clothes (and other artifacts) gain a kind of power from their association with specific people — usually famous people, in this case athletes. Some people will pay money to own a piece of clothing that had been worn by a celebrity. And some men will pay money to own a piece of sports gear that had been worn by a jock; its power lies in the strong masculine associations of men’s athletics.

Two thumbnails of (purported) models for the firm looking tough in their gear:


Kickboxer displaying his muscular body.


Football player displaying as much of his muscular body as he can in his shoulder pads, and in compensation doing a cock tease for the viewer.

Well, yes, this stuff is aimed clearly at potential buyers who are gay men, men who are widely supposed to be virility-obsessed; the listings seem to focus heavily on high-masculinity sports like soccer, rugby, lacrosse, and (American) football (and less on tennis, gymnastics, running, cycling, or swimming and diving); they focus on men’s underwear, more masculine in connotation than, say, shirts or sweatbands; they emphasize masculinity further by often stressing that the gear was actually worn in a game, suggesting that it might still be suffused with male sweat. (Nothing in the company’s materials says that the gear has been washed or otherwise cleaned.) And, even further, the models frequently stipulate that they are straight, playing on the widespread belief that straight guys are more masculine (and hence more desirable) than gay guys.

A listing that pretty much has it all, for a guy described as a “straight soccer jock”, offering a

Shock Doctor jock strap – game used

(not just any piece of sports gear, but in fact that most masculine of men’s gear, the jock strap, and, even better, actually used in a game).

The company’s terms of use specify that Jocktion is only a venue, merely connecting buyers and sellers, and not involved in transactions, so they can’t control the quality, authenticity, or legality of items listed for sale; but they provide a feedback mechanism for buys and sellers to rate one another after a transaction.

The items on auction could well be soiled beyond sweat from play in a game; that’s between seller and buyer.

On a less fastidiously framed website,, the range of sellers is larger than purported athletes, taking in other types, like young men in general, tough working-class men (like cops), country boys, big-dicked good-looking men, even those well-known icons of masculinity, the Swedes: listings for

straight country boy’s Fruit of the Loom white briefs, used cop’s underwear, college boy boxers, hung blond Adonis (selling various items), boxer worn by straight 19 year old from Sweden

Some of the listings offer sweaty underwear and a few offer more heavily soiled items, with cumstains and skidmarks. It’s all between seller and buyer, remember.




8 Responses to “News on the sexuality front: the Jocktion Marketplace”

  1. Mike Says:

    I don’t know what I like the best. Your blog posts about gor-fucking-Jesus guys or the fact that I am mentioned in a blog by a world-famous linguist!

  2. About Brand Says:

    The site is really nothing more but a porn site.
    Their banner images are available for purchase on shutterstock and When I attempted to buy or sell, the site changed its terms requiring new members to:

    Add a link to your Facebook profile page.
    Add a clear face and body pic holding a sign with “Jocktion” and today’s date clearly written.
    Add some pics of the gear you’re interested in selling. You don’t have to be modeling the gear but it is recommended.

    But what is so ironic is that they claim:

    “We currently don’t allow nudity on the site, so any nude media would be prohibited by the Terms of Service. ”

    * But click on the Forums tab and see a full AdultXXX video from their Partners

    Q: Do members really want their privacy compromised on Facebook with these verification requirements?

    Free porn, hidden agenda, soiled arrivals? Then yes, join that site.

    PS: I don’t know who this Mike person (above) is but I do know that this ebay item 121931729949 from a new soccer seller didn’t last too long after the other 2-3 jocks posted were taken down or unsold. Looks familiar? I think so.

  3. Cupcake Says:

    OMG, and where are they (Jocktion) now?
    How funny!

  4. About Brand Says:

    Yup! That Jocktion porn site disappeared taking every members identity (Facebook pass accts/ credit card info, more…) with them too. What’s so strange is that now when searching online keyword Jocktion it redirects search to a University…There is another (parallel) similar gay clothing porn site offering same approach known as Snoozled (dot com).
    Perhaps you could do some research for us next?

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Snoozled looks like a reincarnation of the old Jocktion site, in some detail. I don’t see anything new there, and would prefer not to give them pubicity for what’s likely to be a scam.

  5. About Brand Says:

    What about Naughtybids the (gay) porn sell your undies site?
    What can you also share about them next please?
    Are there any (actor) celebrities sperming their briefs there?

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      I have no interest in providing publicity for sites that are probably scams. (A site offering celebrity-spermed briefs would surely be a scam.) I have no problem with the fetish, but now that I’ve noted it, there’s no point in listing further places that cater to it.

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