Two Z language cartoons

A Zits and a Zippy playing with language:



The Zits in #1 has the figure of an angry little Leo/Lev Tolstoy kicking Jeremy’s ass. Panel 1 has Tolstoy uttering a common insult meaning ‘fool’. Panel 2 has him uttering a common insult meaning ‘goat’. Panel 3 has him exclaiming chudo (transliterated) ‘miracle’.

The Zippy in #2 has our Pinhead surfing in Malibu, and surfing on words:

text, context, subtext, vex, texture

constant contact, Constant Comment (the herbal tea)

surf, turf war, Smurf (small blue comic creature), Chris Murphy (U.S. senator from Connecticut), Nerf ball (foam toy)

(plus “Are we having a Nerf ball yet?”, a play on Zippy’s signature line “Are we having fun yet?”)

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