Marco Marco teases

(Daily Jock guys being seductive.)

Marco Marco teases, with
jock straps, singlets, and briefs


coyly strokes a lip,
snaps a strap,
bumps his crotch


flaunts his body in
scanty batwear


soulfully yearns for you.
elbow, hip thrust out


stares you down,
night blue, hot pink,
neon green junk

From the DJ site:

Marco is an American men’s underwear, swimwear, and sportswear manufacturer named after its founder and head-fashion designer Marco Morante. The brand is arguably best known for its underwear, which include street, sport and fashion lines. Get ready for a colour burst!

Jockstraps are no longer just for sports, and this design can be worn discretely [that is, discreetly] for almost any occasion. Men who want to show off will impress others with the eye-catching … fabric with black accents.

Marco Morante is very much in the public eye as a designer of high-fashion celebrity clothing — for women, drag queens, fashion-conscious men, including gay boys. Many of his underwear models read as gay.

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