Sunday melange

Four recent cartoons, from several sources and of very different tones: a Bizarro, a Zits, a Doonesbury, and a Paul Noth New Yorker cartoon:

A Bizarro with a pun that really tickles me because of the absurdity of the situation:


Then a Zits about unresponsive teenage boys:


(Monosyllabic until there’s a prod.)

The 3/23 Doonesbury (hat tip from Karen Chung) with a novel view of prelinguistic kids:


(Parents are used to kids insisting on having a favorite book read over and over again. Here’s a minority view.)

The Paul Noth, on art and food:


Earlier discussion of Noth and his cartoons on this blog, here.

One Response to “Sunday melange”

  1. Fathers Day Five | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] [Added 6/16/14: Mark Liberman has picked up this one on Language Log ("Sticky stereotypes", yesterday), with links to other LLog postings on chatty girls and laconic boys in Zits. On this blog, on chatty girls in Zits: 2/18/10, "Chatty Cathies"; 11/8/12, "Breathless". And on laconic boys there: 9/26/12, "Monosyllabism"; 4/5/13, "Finger talk"; 3/23/14, #2 in a collection.] […]

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