WordPress tells me that I now have 100 “followers”, people who get notifications of each of my postings on this blog. Amazing, in a way, especially since only a few of these are friends or colleagues.While I have my dark moments in thinking about my net life, there are also gratifying moments. (That goes along with being a teacher.)



6 Responses to “Followers”

  1. Bird Says:

    And you aren’t even counting them all. My RSS reader tells me you have 509 people subscribing to your RSS feed — people who also get notifications of each of your postings on this blog.

  2. MWarhol Says:

    Just to let you know, some of us follow without “following.”

    Oh, and like without “liking.”

  3. Debby Says:

    And perhaps WordPress isn’t even able to count the people who read it through other RSS readers — I use Google Reader, for example.

  4. Z Says:

    You will have more followers over the next few months, I’m sure of that.

  5. markonsea Says:

    Notifications of updates to a blog which is updated, most days, several times?

    That’s an indulgence if there ever was one! Just blog in once a day and see how many updates you have to catch up on!

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