Another food holiday

Today, Sandra Boynton tells us, is National Chocolate Day:

(#1) “October 28 is National Chocolate Day. Pace yourself.”

In the world of chocolate delights, there are many extreme pleasures. But extremism in the consumption of chocolate is no great vice, entirely pardonable. It can be bent to the service of other holidays, as it routinely is at Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

Then there’s Death by Chocolate for the Day of the Dead…

Chocolate extremism / extreme chocolatism. Earlier on this blog, in my 7/30/18 posting “Mud, shit, and chocolate”, which starts by looking at the euphemism mud sandwich and then works its way into more savory topics — in #4 a Mississippi mud pie, with an example boasting two layers of chocolate filling:

(#2) “chocolate-based dessert pie … The treat contains a gooey chocolate sauce on top of a crumbly chocolate crust. The pie is usually served with ice cream.”

Chocolate crust, chocolate filling, chocolate topping. To which you could add any chocolate ice cream that suits you, if you want the full chocolate experience. (Yes, it’s lots and lots of chocolate, but of many different flavors and textures.)

Then the rising of the dead, under the influence of chocolate:

(#3) A chocolate Halloween cake

Death by Chocolate is a colloquial descriptive or marketing term for various desserts that feature chocolate, especially dark chocolate or cocoa, as the primary ingredient. The phrase is trademarked, and the dessert is a signature dish of Bennigan’s restaurants in the United States. (Wikipedia link)

(“Bennigan’s is an Irish pub-themed casual dining restaurant chain founded in 1976 in Atlanta by restaurateur Norman E. Brinker as one of America’s original casual dining concepts.” (Wikipedia))

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    Then there’s Sandra Boynton’s own recipe for chocolate mousse, published in her Chocolate, the Consuming Passion> — a perfectly normal recipe, ending with “Pour into six large wine glasses and chill. This recipe serves one.”

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