Crotch Rocket

… the title of a Titan Men “best of” compendium of scenes with pornstar Trenton Ducati (posted about on AZBlogX, with photos of Ducati in action). Phallic word play, but there’s more, since a crotch rocket is also a type of motorcycle.

From Urban Dictionary, an entry of 2/27/04 by Zack S.:

A specific type of motorcycle, typically distinguished by it’s aerodynamic ‘hunched-over’ seating position and high power to weight ratio. Often favoured by stunters, who choose the bikes because they are light and easy to perform tricks (such as wheelies and stoppies) on.

Crotch rockets are not always Japanese motorcycles, Italian companies such as Ducati manufacture quite high-quality crotch rockets as well.

Also known as ‘sportbikes’.

The Ducati 999, Suzuki GSXR1000 and Yamaha YZF-R1 are good examples of ~1000cc crotch-rockets.

Two Ducatis: an NCR M16 and a 1199 Panigale R Superbike:

Back to the pornstar. From Al’s Gay Porn Stars:

Handsome and muscled Trenton Ducati made a big splash in gay porn in 2011 when he signed as an exclusive with Titan Men. The 30-something hunk from Houston in Texas subsequently went on to do good work with Hot House. A bit of a cowboy, he’s kept horses and ridden bulls. He also loves lifting weights and riding motorbikes (which is where his gay porn name comes from). He’s versatile as well. [meaning he takes either the top, insertive, or the bottom, receptive, role in anal intercourse]

The Ducati compendium isn’t the first porn flick called Crotch Rocket; there’s a Mustang film that works motorbikes into the plot:

[Director] Erik Rhodes blasts another hit outta the park with Crotch Rocket. Be it riding a revved-up motorbike or better yet, another man, nothing beats the feeling of rolling thunder throbbing between your thighs. So join our cast of nine as they hop on their personalized Crotch Rockets to speed off on new and exciting adventures that quickly exceeds [sic] all their wild expectations. (link)


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