mix media

Today’s Rhymes With Orange:

Instant food: just mix. And mix-n-match. But the linguistic point is mix media (for the expected mixed media) — an instance of lexicalized t/d deletion.

A real-life mix media example, in this comment on the (very entertaining) Steampunk Dragonflies video:

I’ve just recently started with mix media.  When I watched this video, I got so excited to try ALL the techniques you did.

While we’re on the topic, there’s also mix greens, as on this restaurant site:


Significant discussion on Language Log, notably from Mark Liberman on 7/14/06, referring to

the list of words like ice(d) cream, skim(med) milk, ice(d) tea, wax(ed) paper, roast(ed) beef, shave(d) ice, cream(ed) corn, whip(ped) cream, where a phrase of the form [V+ed N] becomes lexicalized without the -ed

and a followup on 7/15/06 presenting material on the deletion of syllable-final /t/ and /d/ more generally. (Many more cases discussed after this on LLog and this blog.)


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