Lives of the pornstars

To go along with three recent postings on AZBlogX that concern gay porn films in one way or another —

11/8/10: The Gaze Downward (link)
11/8/10: Peekaboo Dickhead (link)
11/9/10: Lives of the pornstars (link)

I’m supplying here a little bibliography of writing about life in the gay porn film business (most of them books about the lives of the actors in these films). Not included here are books about porn writing, modeling, hustling, stripping, or homoerotic art. (I’ve left the names exactly as they appear on the title pages of the books, though many of them are porn names.)

Bending, J. E. II.  2005.  Last time I drew a crowd: The autobiography of Jim Bentley.  Self-published.

Blake, Blue.  2008.  Out of the blue: Confessions of an unlikely porn star.  Philadelphia PA: Running Press.

Blake, Bobby [with John R. Gordon].  2008.  My life in porn: The Bobby Blake story. Philadelphia PA: Running Press.

Carson, H. A.  2001.  A thousand and one night stands: The life of Jon Vincent.  1stBooks.

Isherwood, Charles.  1996.  Wonder Bread and Ecstasy: The life and death of Joey Stefano.  L.A.: Alyson.

Edmonson, Roger.  1998.  Boy in the sand: Casey Donovan, all-American sex star.  L.A.: Alyson.

– 2000.  Clone:  The life and legacy of Al Parker, superstar. L.A.: Alyson.

LaRue, Chi Chi [with John Erich].  1997. Making it big: Sex stars, porn films, and me. L.A.: Alyson. [primarily a director]

O’Hara, Scott.  1997.  Autopornography: A memoir of life in the lust lane.  Binghamton NY: Haworth.

Poole, Wakefield.  2000.  Dirty Poole: The autobiography of a gay porn pioneer.  L.A.: Alyson. [early director, famous for Boys In the Sand]

Shaw, Aiden.  2006.  My undoing: Love in the thick of sex, drugs, pornography, and prostitution.  NY: Carrol & Graf.

These items vary hugely in quality, and some of the stories they tell are sad and disturbing.

[These are all in my library. I welcome further recommendations.]

3 Responses to “Lives of the pornstars”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    The most recent version of Microsoft Word for the Mac (2011) is savvy enough to query “a thousand and one night stands” (Jon Vincent). It’s a phrasal overlap portmanteau (here), a thousand and one nights overlapped with one-night stand, with a little bit of morphological fudging.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    By one of the algorithms for calculating porn names, I’m Rice Highland. Not bad, I think.

  3. arnold zwicky Says:

    Casey Donovan’s real name was Cal Culver, which would have made a fine porn name. But you don’t want people to be able to look you up, stalk you, etc. New porn actors are counseled about selecting a porn name, and some have several, depending on the kind of part they play.

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