Avocado Chronicles: 6 on the beach

A surprise entry in the Chronicles: this Julia Suits cartoon in the (just-arrived) July 22nd New Yorker (apparently, these days, everybody is an avocadoist):

(#1) “No, you said you’d bring lemon juice!”

Lemon juice (or olive oli) acts as a protection against avocados browning on exposure to the air — a parallel to sunscreen protection.

(Note that, as in the “You complete me” cartoon — #6 in my 7/14/19 posting “Avocado Chronicles: 3 the chemical formula” — the sexes of the two avocado halves are identifiable, as male insertive (convex) vs. female receptive (concave), but in #1 it doesn’t really matter which of the two is speaking.)

Suits is new to this blog. She has a minimal Wikipedia page, but her own website has more information:

Julia Ross Suits is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, Narrative Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and The San Francisco Chronicle among many other places, and has been anthologized in several books.  Julia is the person behind the popular Twitter account @TweetsofOld, which satisfies her love for obscure Americana and forgotten history.

She came across her first DeMoulin Bros. Company catalog at a farm auction in Ohio twenty five years ago, which left an indelible impression and led to a decades-long passion project to learn more about the brothers DeMoulin — and to discover that her grandfather was born just a few miles north of their Greenville, Illinois factory.

Among her previous cartoons in the New Yorker is this delightful variation on the Grim Reaper cartoon meme, the Grim Whisker:


The implement that Death is wielding in #2 is not the traditional scythe, but a hand whisk (or egg beater), like these three:


— suitable for, say, beating egg whites into meringues.

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