News on the edible penguin front

From Chris Ambidge, another package of penguin cookies, this time in chocolate chip:


The previous installment had penguin brownies.

At the time, Leith Chu commented that President’s Choice penguins also came in banana bread and (cheddar-flavored) crackers. And so they do:



Like goldfish, but in penguin shapes. A fair number of companies make penguin crackers.

Then, on the homemade cookie front, there are these lovely items (among many others you can find):


From the cook:

You can’t have an anniversary party without party favors! Since the penguin cake was actually a gift from their daughter, I decided to make my cousins some penguin cookie party favors for all the guests. Many penguins mate for life (though some just seasonally, I learned), so I though a pair of penguins in each bag would be perfect with the anniversary theme. I happened upon an inexpensive penguin cookie cutter that made this project a whole lot easier. Black, white, and orange royal icing, lemon-vanilla sugar cookies, and labels handmade by the kids, and I was in business. (link)

These led me to penguin chocolates, of which there are an enormous number of different types, some elegant:


Chocolate Penguins from L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates

Combining fun with good taste, these flightless tuxedoed birds of Antarctica are made of hand-piped dark chocolate and lemon ganache, have almond wings and are dressed in dark chocolate, accented with white. Chocolate and penguins have never been so popular. Here you get both. Enjoy! (link)


Dark and white chocolate penguin.

White Fox Chocolaterie is in Leigh on Sea, Essex. Our artisan chocolates, delicacies and cakes are made to our own unique recipes using the highest quality fresh and natural ingredients (organic and fair trade where possible), with no preservatives or excess sugar. A number of our hand made chocolate figurines are produced using custom chocolate moulds which we make ourselves from our own sculptures and designs. (link)

And there are many silly and “cute” chocolates, like these peanut butter-filled numbers:


Chocolate Penguins filled with peanut butter. These candy penguins are too cute to eat! There are 3 wrapped penguins per box. Each chocolate penguin stands 3″ tall. Made in the USA by RM Palmer Company (link)

Penguins are versatile.


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