Rainbow pizza, rainbow underwear

In celebration of the resumption of same-sex marriages in California and of Pride Weekend in San Francisco, I offer two takes on rainbow pizza (two out of a huge number you can find on the web), and then, since the second led me to a photo of a young man in rainbow underwear, I offer two more such photos (out of a truly enormous number of these).

Rainbow pizza #1, which gets its colors from its ingredients (a recipe is here):


Rainbow pizza #2, with a dramatic use of food coloring, from Amirah Kassem of Flour Shop, profiled on the stylish-things site deuxmoi:


On the page with this six-color pizza came this photo of a shirtless (but behatted) deuxmoi guy in a Björn Borg black brief with rainbow waistband:


That led me to return to some rainbow underwear for men not pictured in my two Undergear postings, “Gay flags” of 8/6/10 and “Return to rainbow flagwear” of 8/21/10.  From the Dead Good Undies people, the L’Homme Invisible Rainbow V Mini Boxer:


The firm provides breathless text describing this item:

This psychedelic men’s underwear is sure to blow your mind! The Rainbow V Miniboxer from L’Homme Invisible is a vivid visual treat – hot pink merges from electric orange to yellow, light lime green, sky blue, blue and back again. The bright white waistband is deep and softly towelled at the inside, care instructions are printed onto the inner rear centre. The Hipster’s super smooth pouch is reinforced with a layer of soft netting and gently contoured for one almighty fit. Shimmering L’Homme Invisible Sexmachine lettering is interwoven into the waistband which dips attractively at the front centre to form a ‘V’ where a waxy ‘V’ shape is sewn just below. Also available as a Thong and Miniboxer in the same brilliant colour offering.

Then from the Fully Briefed firm, this Joe Snyder Expression Boxer in Rainbow:




Both #4 and #5 are notable instances of pouchwear as well as rainbow flagwear.

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